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  • They were a secret guest at one of the farewell shows for Death by Audio in brooklyn (RIP) with ovlov and big upa and that was recent. Hoping for new stuff.
  • When the hell are they gonna do a new album!!
  • Need more Les Savy Fav.
  • Such an underrated band!
  • So very good!
  • I guess ive been missing out for a while on these guys
  • Seriously, no posts since February? I figured that maybe with Syd and Seth being in the 8 G band there'd be a little spillover of love from TV land. Anyhoo, had no idea about that at all. Seth is unrecognizable on TV (facial hair and nice clothes?!?) and it was only when there was a close-up of Syd's face that I got suspicious and looked it up. And Eli from GvsB is even less recognizable what with all of that smiling. Where's the rage and venom!?!?! I seriously hope we get to hear more LSF in due time. Still one of the best shows I've ever seen (other than the Iron Maiden powerslave tour when I was 13 years old and there was fireworks and fire-spewing mummies and everything. And Twisted Sister opened...)
  • inches is easily one of the best albums i've ever heard in my life
  • Probably one of my favorite show experience(s) of all time.
  • "The Year Before The Year 2000" is fucking amazing. Best song besides sweat descends IMO.
  • no one wrote here for 9 months? what the fuck? this is the best band ever
  • Amazing band
  • Anyone know what they're up to now?
  • Hi everyone. Let's hold hands and love Les Savy Fav together.
  • I can't get into their newer stuff that much, but I still think their 7" releases are some of the greatest post-punk of all time. Back when they first came out, I was floored that a band could put out so many amazing consecutive 7"s.
  • yes.
  • Best band forever.
  • agreed, root for ruin was a return to glory tho
  • for some reason, i can't really get into let's stay friends. i love the first and last tracks on it but everything else was mehh.
  • so much love <3
  • This band has not aged well.
  • vem pro brasil, JA!
  • these guys put on the best live show ever. [2]
  • les savy fav is my fav [2]
  • ATP mixtape!
  • these guys put on the best live show ever.
  • come on japan! I want to see their show!
  • Adopduction is one of the best songs ever written [2]
  • Adopduction is one of the best songs ever written
  • Honestly surprised that these guys don't have more listens
  • Great band!!
  • yupyup
  • Wow!...They made it ^_^
  • Brace Yourself in the top 15...NAO!!! ò.ó
  • damn want to see them live so bad :( they really need to come to austria, croatia or slovenia.
  • hey, it was a great show in Munich! Thumbs up!
  • Best act I've seen them put on at Green Music Festival in Chicago!
  • Going to see you in Groningen (Netherlands). Looking forward to the show!
  • Check out our interview with Tim Harrington:
  • Good, I like it
  • They watered down the poison in this town.
  • Nah, maybe because of Tim Harrington's voice's sounds crazy, loud, high and full of energy. that's why I think it's similar with Ben Kowalewicz's vocal. Especially with Dirty Knails, Appetites tracks. It was like Leo Tolstoy, Alan Moore or Zach Galifinakis borrow vocal apparatus from Ben Kowalewicz's. If you know what I mean
  • @afiqasyran WAT
  • @afiqasyran: yeah
  • 1st time listening to this band, I thought this is Billy Talent. Am I the only one here think ths way?
  • @P1dd For your sake, I hope you got the tickets. It was an awesome show.
  • Similar Artists: Future of the Left, The Thermals... What.
  • They're still good live, I just feel like since Let's Stay Friends their albums don't really capture their intensity for me. Still one of my favorite bands, so I'm hoping their new stuff will grow on me.
  • @SEEINGTRAILSSSS 3/5 is probably my favourite you're right but their new stuff is still amazing, I saw them late last year and they're as good as ever live!


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