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  • Here ( is a beautiful, beautiful piece about Leonard by Jennifer Warnes, who does such wonderful work on Various Positions, among other places in the Cohen studio/live catalogue. It begins by talking about Ballad of the Absent Mare, my favorite of the great man's songs. Anyway, if you love him, read it!
  • Pretty awesome that dude's in his 80s and still putting out quality music. I loved Popular Problems.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Cohen.
  • Yeah, Popular Problems is amazing. It will be a good day when the promised follow-up of even more Leonard Cohen/Patrick Leonard compositions arrives.
  • Wasn't hard to love you, didn't have to try.
  • How is this man such a genius but his first album with Suzanne just was not the same quality?
  • Popular Problems is a f****ing awesome album. I confess I had never listened to it the way it deserved. Now that I did, it's growing on me.
  • I really like "Nevermind" as opening theme in True Detective, and unlike The Handsome Family, whose song as opening theme in season 1 was really like the only decent song I later heard from them, I really dig at least last Cohen's album. Wonderful music. And even more awesome lyrics.
  • For the first time, i was kind of disappointed but if you read the lyrics makes pretty sense for the show's intro. Also, hell of a decent song.
  • Thank you, Mr. Cohen for your music ) Songs Of Love And Hate is a truly masterpiece.
  • quite disappointed with opening theme for True Detective s2 :(
  • My woman's here My children, too Their graves are safe From ghosts like you In places deep With roots entwined I live the life I left behind
  • oh, let's start talking about True Detective
  • nevermind
  • True Detective = S2
  • He has much more attitude than almost 99% rock bands [2]
  • The new live album is awesome!
  • Cool Music
  • He has much more attitude than almost 99% rock bands.
  • ha ha ha that's funny - who gives a rock tag? .... i didn't know that leonard cohen is a rocker ..... yeah, he rock your ass and his sound blow your mind away ;-)
  • "I don’t remember lighting this cigarette and I don’t remember if I’m here alone or waiting for someone."
  • Never die.
  • Dress Rehearsal Rag is easily his best song. So depressing.
  • That angel's voice
  • grande cohen, maestro inspirador
  • i prefer feels so good to anything on popular problems. i hope it gets an official release somewhere down the line.
  • vv they're my two favorite Len albums.
  • In the house of mystery, there was no one at all.
  • I'm Your Man and Ten New Songs are his best works. Fight me IRL
  • "Well, never mind, we are ugly but we have the music."
  • guy looks like dustin hoffman
  • MetalDisgusting you obviously shouldn't bother listening to Cohen's music as it is way over your head, stick with something you understand like Lady Gaga or easier to follow crap. Cohen is Canada's greatest poet and an influence to literally hundreds of musicians who know a lot more about music than you do. One question: did you have to look up the spelling of pretentious or did you actually know hoiw to spell it? If the latter, I'm impressed.
  • "I hate his fucking cryptic bullshit lyrics. I want to listen to some shit that isn't pretentious as fuck that doesn't expect you to understand it a lifetime over." Generally pretentious refers to something that tries to be "deep" and "meaningful" yet fails. To say that Leonard Cohen's lyrics are need to get your ears checked out. /arguingontheinternet
  • Love this gifted poet.
  • "I hate his fucking cryptic bullshit lyrics. I want to listen to some shit that isn't pretentious as fuck that doesn't expect you to understand it a lifetime over." How can you even enjoy metal then? Come on dude, a lot of metal and post rock musicians are cryptic and pretentious as fuck (in their songwriting at least), but it's just a hell of a lot more theatrical than Folk/Blues. Actually I'd say GYBE is petty fuckin pretentious shit, so drop the hypocrisy.
  • Waiting for the Miracle ♥
  • Oh I agree, my only complaint is that it is too similar to Live in London setlist wise but there isnt much to do about that as its his standard list.
  • "not bad" ? It's vintage cohen showing what he does best.
  • Live in Dublin is not bad. Pretty similar to live in London but I like some of the changes. The newer songs were cool.
  • live forever
  • интересно, коэн вообще способен записать плохой альбом?
  • metaldisgusting you should wait until you get older and have some idea what music is before you comment about anything. You haven't got a clue what music is, but at 20 you probably have been listening for a whole 3 or 4 years.....sell your computer it's being wasted.
  • niki minaj deserves to be shot. jj allin is cool though.
  • *metaldiscussor So you could probably listen to Nicky Minaj. Or maybe G.G. Allin.
  • I hate his fucking cryptic bullshit lyrics. I want to listen to some shit that isn't pretentious as fuck that doesn't expect you to understand it a lifetime over.
  • his voice just gets better and better.
  • So difficult to believe that this great man is 80 now, makes me feel ancient as I remember buying his Songs In A Room back in '68 I believe and that seems so recently. Played that record over and over again for weeks.I find, in my opinion, his ultimate success to be his Live In London 2CD concert, marvelous and humorous. Stay with us for another 10 years, Leonard. One of a kind.....
  • <3


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