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  • You Knew Me When ♥ The Best And The Worst ♥
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [16]
  • I Am (Video) ♥
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [15]
  • When It Hurts ♥
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [14]
  • Rainha injustiçada
  • New album is wonderful, what a goddess <3
  • I am listening to her albums and I'm afraid to finish it. She have an AMAZING voice and I like a lot to hear it. "Spirit" is unic, "Echo" is wonderful and "Glassheart" is cute! Love you, Leona! Keep doing music! :D
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [13]
  • Power<3
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [12]
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [11]
  • Thunder ♥ Thank you ♥
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [10] Thank You ♥
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [9]
  • sério que ela colocou o nome de uma musica com titulo de uma mesma canção por ela? aff
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [8] I missed her! Can't wait for her tour!
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [7]
  • The Essence of Me <3
  • Another Love Song is a bop.
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [6]
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [5]
  • My favorite of the new album is Another Love Song <3
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [4]
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [3]
  • Ladders <3
  • Not feeling the new album, but "The Essence Of Me" is <3
  • por favor pessoal assine a petiçao para trazer a last fm de volta.Please, people, sign the petition.
  • @GetOuttaMyWay1 It's such a shame you forgot to listen to and feel the lyrics, what she is trying to say, but ok, it seems that you don't deserve to listen to such an honest artist like Leona pouring her heart out. You can always listen to other artists who like to prioritize the beats. No need to answer me, I don't care.
  • we all have good and bad times. the musical trade is complicated with many singers arising.
  • I like all. This new is good and in a different way! ;)
  • Another Love Song ♥
  • Spirit, Echo & Glassheart >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I Am
  • I Am (Album) ♥ [2]
  • I Am is pure shit!!!!!! no progress, all sound like a 1 boring song. the singles are all a mess.
  • lets listen then..
  • I Am (Album) ♥
  • it's a shame that a woman with such a vocal gift meddles into poorly conceived singles such as "fire under my feet" and "thunder". not relevant both in terms of commercial and artistic appeals. preformatted to "already heard" productions, sleek and uninnovative. I'm really wondering where she's heading to with such a thing.
  • Já com um caso de amor sério com 'Thunder' S2
  • I Am is the best song from the new album till now. Excellent message, strong voice, I love it!
  • Poderosa! ♥
  • i love her new songs!
  • <33333
  • vem hinário
  • Power is so much better then Thunder, sadly i'm not feeling Thunder at all right now...
  • Power ♥ [2]
  • Power ♥
  • Another Love Song ❤❤ [6] Thunder (Video) ❤ [5]


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