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  • Good grindcore band! I gotta listen to them more though.
  • These guys were, and still are GREAT.
  • fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @comodouno- You could also try paying for Spotify Premium($9.99)
  • Ever heard of Rhapsody? That's exactly what you're talking about.
  • well i'll be a good idea if last fm charge you like 50 dollars for a month then you can get full tracks and full albums, anybody disagree
  • I'm loving this.
  • i want boris back :(
  • @frozendilemma: the only true reason for that is because their stuff's top-notch. Look around - there're tons of grind bands with short songs (in fact, the vast majority of them) who have far fewer listens.
  • the only reason why they have so many plays is because their songs are so short...with that being said they are not bad...
  • I Know Where You've Been Last Summer <3
  • Groovy grind. Yum.
  • Want new album!
  • шикарнейшие пацаны!
  • I suppose Muerte Por Mil Cortes would be in the range of semantic interest;)
  • норм хуячат
  • They rule
  • Good stuff here
  • Just for fun
  • The two first albums are completely über great shit
  • I have "Death By A Thousand Cuts" CD. ,___,
  • enjoyable
  • @Fauli1987: The best chance you've got is either Ebay of Just check them regularly for the cd. That's how I found Death By A Thousand Cuts and Man Made Predator.
  • Where can I buy "Death By A Thousand Cuts"?
  • Glamourgirl Concubine is so fuckin' catchy!
  • dont touch my spandex
  • not bad new album
  • Some rare interesting electronic and metal music can be found [url=]here[/url].
  • brutal !
  • I 3131231232313th CORE69
  • The new album is much better than "Marasmus" indeed.
  • I can't believe he's wearing his band's shirt in the pic! WTF, my band doesn't even get plays on here and i'm not using this shoutbox to tell you to check out Unprotected Sex or Fuck without a condom Yeah! Leng Fucking Tch'e
  • I lol'd Katorevenge
  • I third CORE69
  • I second CORE69
  • @Ghestal WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF?? WTF??
  • Agree with Khanatist. They've basically become Deathcore on Marasmus, though I'll give it to them that it's still better than basically every other Deathcore band there is... not a particularly impressive feat though.
  • Any of the first three.
  • @Khanatist: I originally thought, like you, that Marasmus is bland. But listening to it now I actually fucking love it. Now, I admit, this is the only Leng Tch'e album I own, so could you recommend a "proper" Grinding one please?
  • eBay? Show me the link.
  • Bought it from an eBay-shop
  • Where Can I Buy "Death By A Thousand Cuts" In Europe?
  • Hmm, at least 'Hypomanic' doesn't sound as bland as 'Marasmus'. It's still tragic how they lost their grind edge (just compare ANY new song to some of their first 2 albums, it's like they took some soporifics). Guest vocals by Napalm Death guy rule
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  • The new album is fucking awesome!
  • Might have to get hold of that new abum thar.
  • Absolutely love the new album.
  • Marasmus \m/


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