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  • my new addiction.
  • my favorite boys in the world :)
  • His new album? AMAZING
  • Have been a fan for over five years, it was so weird to hear him on a commercial the other day!
  • one of the best shows i've ever been to. ever.
  • Traveler's Insurance company. VV
  • Have you guys noticed that they play Worries on that commercial? It's some kind of traveling company? Or something.
  • favorite performances. SO GREAT. And he took a drink out of my flask. :O I SCREAMED LIKE A FANGIRL.
  • I have to say yes to the new album. I'm playing it for a little while now. It will blow your mind, take you to the land of dreams and set you free. It's back to the wild for Mr. Slim!
  • ...and I & Love& U is shit. Get with the real Avett boys, folks.
  • Totes agrees
  • Langhorne Slim > Avett Brothers
  • genius*
  • He's a genious.
  • New album is killer. Highly produced (props to Chris Funk), but still with edge/energy. Don't expect 'When the Sun's Gone Down' - this is a much more mature and developed record than those previously released. Check it out.
  • Woopy!!! New album on it's way!
  • does anyone else think that polyesterrbride and cvbishop1 are big turds? who is paying you to advertise on instead of the free concert poster you are getting to talk out of your ass i will give you a dollar to shut the f up. thanks and take care.
  • thx z :)
  • new lp. sweeeeet!
  • Say Yes!
  • New photo, check out the 2009 tour dates!
  • holy shit the folk festival performance blew my minnnddd id marry this man and have lots of babys
  • holy live show!!
  • Lollapalooza photos!
  • most rockin' show i've ever seen with just a dude and an acoustic guitar. bravo.
  • to download a live instudio performance
  • now selling meaty chunks in the UK
  • feather bed is da best
  • good friend...I guess :D
  • Definatley one of my favorite new musicians, absolutley can not wait to see him live.
  • Very, very nice.
  • any plans to do some shows in the uk???? we welcome you with open arms.
  • Langhorne, what's up? See you next time you are in Bermy.
  • i saw they were trying out a new band member; didn't know paul wasn't playing anymore. bummer.
  • what happened to paul?
  • i've heard stories about you. taking care of strangers and your backyard bathtub. i hope they're true. but it doesn't matter. your music is perfect.
  • Yeah, the reason LS got to play so much at Bonnaroo was that the Players were scheduled for an afternoon show - oops, not so good for the projector. He brought the house down though and deserves every accolade sent his way - truly a Great American Musician!
  • He's from my town :D
  • one of the greatests tracks i've ever heard
  • im happy to see restless at #1 !!!
  • he was awesome at acl
  • can we get the 2008 lp cover up on here. i mean seriously.
  • Electrifying, see him live if you can, absolutely breathtaking. If I had to classify him..... I'd put his as The Who's energy, connection with each other and their audiance, and a very Keith Moon-like drummer; A mixture between Bob Dylan and Early Springsteen sound wise; and Townes Van Zandt's lyrics. He pulled my girlfriend and I on stage and I hear he's done the same thing at other concerts. He has a connection with the audiance that I haven't seen in new bands. I mean, evan the talented ones don't have that just sheer, raw "I'm laying my heart on the line and telling you everything abotu me" kinda feel. My absolute favorite artist at this moment.
  • it's possible to change the balck "artwork" picture with the real cover?
  • Solebury School REPRESENT!!!
  • Is it just me that thinks 'worries' is the best song?
  • i dunno what it is either, slim.
  • slim just doing slim.
  • Superb stuff. If you like Slim, check out A.A. bondy's debut album American Hearts ( That's even better in my opinion...


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