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Lamb of God



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  • One my favoutire records too listen too such solid fucking groove machine haha :) \\m/
  • One of the most amazing albums I've ever heard
  • I thought this album was pretty good when it came out, but it has not aged well in my opinion. Perhaps it was easy to (really) like this album back in 2006 when most other popular bands at the time were shit? As other people pointed out, the production on this one kinda blows, so I'm not surprised that they changed producer after this one. This is also probably their most filler-filled record to date, as well. These days I find this album being the one which I always skip, apart from like the three first tracks.
  • Sacrament = Ashes of the Wake
  • It's hard to even call it "overproduction" because that makes it sound like it's too well produced. It's not. It's badly produced. And besides it's one of their weakest albums musically too.
  • This album got me into metal as a whole as it was their latest one at the time. "Over-production" isn't a reason to not like an album. This may be their weakest but it still rocks.
  • fuck it, i like them all but i haven't heard the new one
  • Hahah, Lamb of God clean versions, come on, what a fucking joke
  • Magnum Opus!
  • Best Lamb of God album [7]
  • I found this convincing, far from to be mind-blowing.
  • Really their weakest album!! Personnally I find ''Wrath'' very good, and their last one ''Resolution'' is fucking bad ass !! Excellent record!
  • great record
  • Foot to the Throat <3
  • I've noticed that people really wanna hate on Wrath for some reason. Granted, it's got some filler, but no more than Sacrament. About half of Sacrament feels like filler. And you're right, the production is too clean and digital. I like that fuzzy, dirty sound that their older stuff has.
  • not to mention the sterile over production. just boring
  • No, this album is their worst. It's got the most filler and the most boring, generic riffs out of their entire catalogue. They were really phoning it in with this one. And don't get me started on Redneck.
  • their best
  • their worst
  • Very good album!
  • Great album. But who the hell tagged this as thrash?
  • Пиздатый альбом, начал с него их слушать, и до сих пор прёт. Хотя по количеству хитов, наверное, предыдущий будет поболее%)..
  • One of my favorites albuns [3]
  • One of my favorites albuns.
  • Ashes is better and more catchy than this
  • Шикарно! Разом з Ashes Of The Wake - найкращі їх альбоми!
  • best album!
  • I don't find many of these songs catchy...Ashes and Wrath are more catchy and technical at the same time
  • awesome tracks on this one
  • A close second to Ashes of the Wake..probably their catchiest stuff
  • cookies and milk on the cover!!!11!!
  • Redneck is da shit :D
  • Best Lamb of God album [6]
  • @ lonewolf- You are talking complete nonsense. The end.
  • Tracks 1-7 are great, the rest are wank.
  • Best Lamb of God Album :) [5]
  • complete shit. 1. As The Palaces Burn 2. Ashes of the Wake 3. thats the end of Lamb of God
  • el mejor grupo k pueda aver :P
  • masterpiece
  • lamb of god rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Hm ill follow. Best Lamb of God Album :) [4]
  • Best Lamb of God Album :) [2]
  • Hell of a album !
  • YES!!!
  • Best Lamb of God Album :)
  • by much the best is "blacken the cursed sun" [1] I agree with you there. :)
  • by much the best is "blacken the cursed sun"
  • by much the best is "blacken the cursed sun"
  • pure genius


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