• End of the year approaches...

    14 déc. 2007, 15h30m par brother_matt

    Who/What were your favourite albums/bands of this year?

    My listening data might conflict with my list, but here's what I dig the most about 2007:

    LCD Soundsystem (sounds of silver)
    The Rapture (pieces of the people we love)
    Spoon (ga ga ga ga ga ga)
    The Shins (wincing the night away)
    Bloc Party (weekend in the city)
    Do Make Say Think (you, you're a history in rust)
    Radiohead (in rainbows)
    Deerhoof (friend opportunity)

    Sound of Silver
  • Album Review: LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

    28 juin 2007, 3h04m par FinalPizzaHut

    Taken from my blog, go read it there if you want a FREE COOKIE!

    Sound Of Silver is the second full-length offering from James Murphy, aka LCD Soundsystem. However, the so-called 'sophomore blues' don't affect this mixture of dance, punk, and incredibly catchy tunes in the least. Here's the track-by-track.

    1. "Get Innocuous!" (7:11)

    Sound starts off with this club-ready hit. Beginning with a repetitive synth opening lasting almost two minutes, always increasing in intensity, Murphy shows that he is no stranger to dance music. This song is a great opener, but the ending leaves you wanting a bit more. Thankfully, he delivers.

    2. "Time to Get Away" (4:12)

    Next, we get delivered into one of the more punk-oriented songs on the album. In true punk fashion, the lyrics of the song are straightforward, stereotypical, and still lovably catchy. These first couple of songs seem to have been designed to introduce the two-sided personality of Murphy…
  • LCD

    22 déc. 2006, 1h34m par newdisco

    Este tema es el temon del mes. Bailando con el viejito pascuero al ritmo de Murphy.

    LCD Soundsystem

    Sound of Silver