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Space Cadet (7:02)


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  • Got me hypnotized....
  • Lovelovelove it !!!
  • fuuuuck i love kyuss
  • Earth acid cleanses me, cleanses me clean
  • Definitely best off of "Welcome to Sky Valley"
  • no comment <3!
  • This song is probably their best song off of "Welcome to Sky Valley".
  • Finding this song was one of my life's best and biggest achievements.
  • What a song! Even though it's repetitive, I never get over how mellow and relaxing it is.
  • highest niveau space cadet's/cadetinnen
  • Dispensa comentários <3
  • Big one.
  • pure perfection <3
  • Play this song when you're travelling by plane. That is all.
  • So love.. ♥
  • This song always tickles my brain. In a good way of course.
  • i'll never forget this one
  • Sooo good.
  • More godliness from one of the BEST!!!!
  • GOD!
  • Kyuss - 'Nuff Said.
  • Fuck... I love Kyuss!!
  • My precious
  • mind is shifting into warp speed
  • This song sounds like what it feels like to be stoned.
  • Coolest song I've ever heard.
  • fucking sexy song - one of my all time faves :)
  • "This is real stoner track... something you like to hear when you're stoned" Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. Some people like to listen to heavier music stoned too.
  • one of the best songs of all time - masterpiece beyond the masters
  • i can now become the rain man of advanced mathematical theory. this song just makes it so easy to look at a problem, and intuit the answer. bahahaha i wish
  • seriously.. this song...
  • unbelievable. going to be eternally in love with this song, fuckin A
  • going to see these guys on nov 30th!!! can't wait
  • feel like i'm swirling down a cosmic vortex of understanding
  • jestem ujebany i napierdalam caly czas ta piosenke ... zajebiscie swidruje mi mozg , zrobi dziure i wyjdzie z drugiej strony i bedzie mi czerep przeswitywal ... a tak w sumie to tez czil niezly jest , ze normalnie se zczilowalem sie tyz ;D
  • I just cant get enuf of that GOOD stuff! Damn Kyuss, YOU ROCK!
  • Masterpiece.
  • Man I love this song, it's truely divine.
  • The riff reminds me a lot of Under Stars by Brian Eno so much. Such an awesome song.
  • if only they did more like this...
  • This is real stoner track... something you like to hear when you're stoned
  • Divine piece.
  • I just float away in this...and then I tried to learn it on guitar, assuming that such an awesome song would be difficult to play...It's not...It's so beautifully simple.
  • BLISS. This music is godly. Wish Kyuss had a couple more songs like this.
  • Play this while playing Space Cadet pinball...
  • Opeth Sabbath
  • Probably my favourite song of all time, right next to "Planet Caravan" by the almighty Black Sabbath.
  • This song is a prime example of why their genius was so natural and innocent. Josh & Brant were like 18 when they wrote 'SKY VALLEY'.
  • Some things are so my mind can breathe


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