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  • feeling good
  • New project by Nick Moon: [url=]Circus Love[/url]
  • some damn good stuff here
  • they are something
  • do you guys know where can I download their stuff? couldn't find it anywhere ):
  • Restart Engines isn't all that bad, but I still prefer electronic post-rock Kyte over dream pop Kyte.
  • Loving Taipei (All at Once)
  • Their first mini album is perfect. Release something like that again please?
  • The new single is so good. ♥
  • come to Ukraine!
  • [url=]Kyte - Blood Anger (Live at The Black Heart)[/url]
  • freaking love this band.
  • @debi_igp, realmente Kyte inspira em tudo! É comigo assim tbm..e quanto a pessoa especial, ela merece aplausos, pois te 'apresentou' uma obra-prima em forma de banda haha
  • Eu comecei ouvir Kyte por causa de uma pessoa muito especial pra mim. Mesmo depois de eu ter me afastado dessa pessoa... a banda ainda existe e ouço antes de dormir e durmo ouvindo. Essa banda me da inspiração pra tudo o que eu faço.. é perfeita!
  • Do they do live shows anywhere else except Japan? o.O
  • Nice..
  • SAO. GOOD.
  • [url=]You & I music video.[/url]
  • He sounds pretty breathy live. I think it's neat that he's not using so many effects on his voice now, makes for better live shows.
  • 'douche' was bad word choice. but yeah the guy needs to tone down his breathiness when singing, it just sounds so exaggerated/overdone.
  • 我的后摇启蒙乐队
  • Kevin, at first when i read your comment about the douche voice, i was like, what? he doesn't sound like that at all. but then.. i listened more closely to love to be lost. and i definitely get that impression. sad. i wish they hadn't turned so pop and had stuck more with shoegaze. such is life i suppose :/
  • Love to be Lost <3
  • enjoyable overall though
  • i'm a bit mixed on the vocals. sometimes the guy sounds like a real douche
  • Ihnfsa is an anthem.
  • my new favourite band
  • новый альбом прекрасен
  • первые альбомы пост-рок
  • какой хуй ставит в тэги пост-рок?! это ни хуя не пост-рок! и не шугейз и уж тем более не эмбиент, это ёбаное инди, блять!
  • what an amazing discovery.
  • what a discovery.
  • Speechless... What an opener!
  • come to Spain guys!
  • love new album
  • затянули
  • Post rock?
  • Least they gave me a good ride while it lasted, I think I'm done following em here.
  • New album was very meh, was disappointed.
  • very intresting and no ordinary)
  • Wow, gorgeous sounds.
  • This is my home too, these are fucked up rules.
  • yep, that's what I know..was asking about Europe ;)
  • New song release!
  • The new album is amazing. <3
  • Can't wait for the new album.
  • Please check out this: THANKS!
  • nice


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