• Top 10 of 2011

    31 déc. 2011, 3h37m par djgizmoe

    As I look at other respectable individuals' Top 10 lists this year, I realize I have mostly been in another dimension musically this year. More specifically, I have been exploring the depths of The Vault, a Japanese music otaku paradise (SEVEN IDIOTS has been my find of the year). But for what it is, here is my completely subjective list for 2011.

    10. Afrirampo - Never Ending Afrirampo - A 'posthumous' live album; a final farewell to Osaka's hottest avant-gals.
    9. 0.8秒と衝撃。 - 1暴2暴3暴4暴5暴6暴、東洋のテクノ - Yes, their quirkiness seems rather too...intentional, but they're more listenable than a lot more 'authentic' avant-J-pop.
    8. Lama - New! - NUMBER GIRL + Supercar? Nuff said.
    7. 女王蜂 - 孔雀 - Poppier than their earlier stuff, but still pretty interesting.
    6. Supercar - Re: Supercar 1 - Great remixes of the early material I have usually passed up in favor of their later electronica releases.
    5. Bjork - Biophilia - Bjork just being Bjork is never a bad thing. I could never get into that iPhone app, though...