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  • With "Eat Your Heart Out" I'm like... where is that riff I was throwing down to on the original demo version? Oh, completely gone... or buried... definitely not having the IMPACT it was. I dont get it
  • The "Rough Cuts" versions were pretty damn good... the (Album Version)'s of these songs seriously give me a headache. It's just an annoying ruckus of sounds shooting at you... the whole concept of each song becomes a lot less clear, the record isn't very good. Very confusing (and not in a cool way.)
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Knives Out!
  • v "Hysteria" is easily the winner track on that album.
  • wicked.
  • Just ignore Zach216, he apparently has too much free time on his hands which he could turn into something positive, creative and productive, but instead chooses to let it go to waste by trolling on shoutboxes hardly anyone ever reads. You seem a bit bitter, dude. I've also seen other stuff you posted. Let it go and enjoy your life. Don't be a douchebag.
  • Whatever you say dude. But it sounds to me like you have a personal issue with the guys you need to sort out with them instead of trolling all the fans repeatedly on You expressed your opinion. We get it. You don't like the album.
  • Whatever... I remember how disappointed I was to actually hear how raw and lifeless this recording and collection of songs were, but about a month ago VISION of DISORDER released "The Cursed Remain Cursed" THAT record makes up for this one being so bad! A track like "New Order of Ages" is exactly what Knives was TRYING to do but failed so miserably, I'm glad V.O.D. is around to keep this "stagnant" and "plagiaristic" genre alive... Knives was a joke, between Todd and Jasan I'd never been around 2 people LESS SURE of what they were doing musically... like no confidence, they don't do anything with conviction and that goes all the way up to their performance!!
  • "Polkadot fans are strange people who are awkward socially". Yeah, that's pretty much me in a nutshell! I don't know about the "phony" thing since I've never spoken to Todd Smith in person, but judging by his conversations on Facebook (and Jasan Stepp's too) he actually enjoys connecting with his fans. I wouldn't be surprised if he's short-tempered though. So am I. I can relate to him. And I for one like his lyrics.
  • Knives Out! serves it's purpose. It is a great album without being anything brilliant. And the production sound is kinda flat, the Rugh Cuts EP had a way better overall sound... And Zach216 you are acting like a good ol' fashioned douchebag... Please wise Music Master, can you guide us to where the heartfelt and REAL music exist?.. Are you fucking kidding me? You are so self righteous and smug that it hurts to my bone.. And you probobly dont even see it.
  • i can't stop listening to this album :O
  • Well for years Ive been a TOM MAXWELL fan, in fact he inspired me to play guitar and I developed my own (kind of ridiculous) style basically around how he plays so this band was something I expected SOMETHING from, I dont even talk to Smith anymore and will continue to support 'my people' with a ton of passion, enthusiasm and a great attitude. I'm a hardcore fan who actually connects with the artists, you don't have my perspective but I'm done "killing" on the weakness that is Knives Out. I believe all your comments are so short because there is little you can say to refute things that I've said (as well as SideshowFreak) I went to all of this bands shows in Baltimore from Connecticut to support and really believed in it (at one point) but in listening to the finished product I truly stand by my initial comments in which none of you seem able to refute. Please continue on about how this is somehow a great band... Obviously judging from what I listen to the last thing I am is objective.
  • in all honesty zach i have a feeling its less about the music for this band but animosity toward Todd smith . i suggest letting the grudge go and grow up a little bit
  • It takes a stronger will to walk away sir.
  • Last time I checked this was a music site and you can't really refute my points so... great response, it actually takes mild intellect to make strong points in exactly 1,000 characters. Try it
  • As the old saying goes, "the empty vessel, makes the most noise".
  • No wonder labels weren't interested & the whole "you ignorant soulless motherfucker" line he sings in that same song Blood Everywhere is the funniest most ironic thing in the world. Todd has absolutely no depth as a human being (nor do Stepp or Cullen) I lived with Todd on the road for a month, he puts others down... feels entitled to do whatever he wants, when hes being "Nice" it still feels phony or like an act, maybe this is why hes incapable of writing a good piece of music. Dude is so shallow... He once said "You know The Beatles have plenty of songs about wanting to hold your hand and if anyone was gonna unite the world, they would've done it already..." Seriously? Music's about CONNECTING with other human beings, whether that be 200, 2,000...200,000 Whatever! The Polkadot fans are (not surprisngly) Strange people who are like awkward socially, Todd's stuff just appeals to real weirdos. Ill take my heartfelt, honest shit anytime. If thats "gay", then so be least its REAL
  • Well put my friend. Personally I love Tommy and my several encounters with him were all spectacular. He's a riot... and YES Todd is getting redundant, him writing a normal song about a REAL fucking EMOTION would be the most radical/extreme/180-degree turnaround he could possibly do. I also don't feel like words like "Entertaining you promiscuous medusa" really flow very well at all...Patton will string random words together but the syllables just make more sense and have a great rhythm to them. Todd just does whatever the music does, scary dissonant parts he does a scary voice, over the powerchords he tries to sound powerful. It's just SO CONTRIVED, his fans feel like I'm bashing him but I'd totally be on board with this band if it were something special. It just really isn't...I too wanted something at least in the BALLPARK of NOTHINGFACE. This fails and does not even fall into the same league. If Nothingface were major leagues, Knives is a single-A squad. Agree on all points SSFreak
  • Reworking those songs might as well have been the worst decision they ever made. Now everything sounds so much slower and hectic. I personally was looking forward to some kind of nothingface revival here, not another polkadot cadaver. And Todd really needs to change his lyrical themes. I mean "sodom and gomorrah", "headless horsemen", "endless suicide", haven't we heard enough of these?? On the bright side though, Sickles has nailed it. I was completely blown away by the drumming. I think this band really needs someone else on vocals if it is ever to get somewhere. But in the end, thats just my opinion
  • Dude you have no ear for music XStaticTira. I mean your charts clearly display that, OBVIOUSLY you just accept any and all freaking rock and metal music with no filter or standard. The demos are very different from the album versions, I'm starting to presume you are tone-deaf. Some might think I take it too far, commenting frequently but you know what I actually hit it off with artists and get to be involved in what they do, so of course I'm going to be that way. I go above and beyond with support IF the music is AUTHENTIC. In my experiences with him NOTHING about Todd Smith is authentic. The first thing he mutters out in Hysteria is "After School Special", like really. Copy-cat, the worst case I can think of. Get him on a "Patton is God"-rant and he won't shut-up. The comparison will always be there, he is a 12th rate Patton who steals a lot of his vocal techniques and lyrically he can't write anything with substance. Musically these songs sound like they were written in 1 or 2 days.
  • You know I wasn't too enthused with the demos I'd heard for this project. Been wandering away from the Metal genre for a while now and much preferred the varied approach of DFD, Polkadot Cadaver and El-Creepo. Though having listened I'm actually quite liking this album. Seems like Todd is splitting the different aspects of himself off in seperate directions. Fully expect some kind of 70's porn inspired Jazz album at some point in the future. Well... You know what I mean.
  • Haters gonna hate, potatos gonna potate.... this cd is great!!!
  • Thrash Magazine posted a review of "Black Mass Hysteria" that you can check out here:
  • Like the rest of Todd's stuff, i love it.
  • "Zach216 tagged Knives Out! with immature, very average and disappointing."
  • Weak production, album lacks cohesion because if you listen... each song is mixed a little differently (as a listener that's confusing/bugs me out). Probably just how I was used to em but really the Rough Cuts versions (of "the 4") felt RAWER/REALER/BALLSIER, new versions feel ARTIFICIAL, contrived, just too over-done and far more sterile. I can now see why there was no rush to release this, it's an alright project but most DFD and Polkadot fans prefer THAT and this is weak as shit compared to the beast that was NOTHINGFACE. I'm much more excited for Hellyeah's new record, it sounds FAST and HEAVY... Chad is also 20x the singer lil Toddy is. No comparison. No way this was worth the ridiculously long wait. Immature and kind of predictable...
  • The RazorToWrist website has 20 second previews of each album song up now as well as pre-order bundles going. Seems like it's finally happening, guys. It's been some time that I've been so eager to check out a metal release and I am kind of excited to hear Smith on vocals again. Out of the new songs, "Hysteria" sounds like the most intriguing one to me (promising chorus). Also looking forward to a good quality version of "Blood Everywhere". The new version of "Pink on the Inside" sounds rather dull however.
  • Yeah that should have been the plan. But im jst happy that Tom did not let this band die too . And maybe, just maybe, they will continue playin together and produce some more kickass tracks in the near future. It would be such a shame to see this band DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR :P
  • Literally a 3 year wait to hear 3 more songs that we hadnt previously heard... I have nothing negative to say but in that time they could have put this out and done a whole entirely new record ya know
  • Finally an official release date. All that waiting.....DAMN. and btw, the album art looks AMAZING
  • We've heard Pink on the Inside, Eat Your Heart Out, Hide in the Sky, Surrounded by Demons, Swollen Mistress and Blood Everywhere is on MySpace so that's actually 6 songs... I miscounted. That means there's 3 others: Robot Babylon, Black Mass Hysteria and one other, so you guys are actually waiting on 3 tunes... I cant do it
  • At least my comments come from first-hand experience and actual encounters with these guys, do yours avantish? They're ok, I just jabbed at their pathetically soft-ego's and they showed how shallow and unprofessional they actually are which I knew all along anyway. Whatever, it's all in the past. Tom is the one who I just no longer support or TRUST when he does a project. I'm a true, die-hard fan MOST TIMES for better and on occasion for worse. Any grown man bitching, calling out and threatening someone who is 21 I find to be ridiculous. Best of luck to them and you fans as you wait on these couple of songs. When something's been done this long I want it bouncing in my eardrums, the wait has been absolutely absurd so I'm gonna support artists who actually release music. Isn't that what you're supposed to do with it?
  • Zach has a right to his own opinion, no need to be such a pretentious dick about it.
  • According to Wikipedia the new album will be out Januray 2012 and will be called 'Relentless Black Mass Hysteria'... And the only ridiculous thing here is you Zach216, Did the guys of Polkadot Cadaver rape you or something when you toured with them?
  • Tom Maxwell has become the KING of letting his fans down... first it was Blessed in Black, then it was Nothingface for 5 years talking about it but blaming Matt's "lack of ambition" on why he won't do it and Knives Out, 3 years later has never seen the light of day. Hellyeah's fun but I don't really get the dude. It's music, just release it jesus christ
  • 2 years waiting yea I still care, I've seen them live a few times. Badass stuff.
  • i do. hope they release it soon. u said 9 songs. i have only listened to rough cuts. can you tell me where to find the rest of the songs??
  • Month after month goes by, they only did 9 songs. Does anybody care anymore, fuck it
  • lol, not yet.
  • these are some badass tracks. album out yet??
  • How specific
  • Basically Todd, Jasan and Dave wanted to ride Maxwell's coattails and expected a lot but as far as the business side goes those 3 are so inexperienced and for Tom he's just in a good place w/ Hellyeah and doesn't need to start from scratch. These are excellent songs that let's be honest resemble Nothingface far more than the lunacy that was Dog Fashion Disco. To have a record in your pocket for 2 years and not release it is the dumbest thing I think a band could do... there was such a buzz about this band and now people are like whatever about it...
  • comes in august ;)
  • im getting really excited for the debut album!
  • Soon, very soon it will be independently released on
  • New image!/+images/53532077
  • How about you shut up
  • Blood Everywhere is a okay song though, ignoring the chrorus. But why is Todd shouting instead of screaming in the song? It makes the song sound so much more dull IMO.
  • The band says their greatest influences are sludge metal bands, but I don't really see it. I wish Knives Out didn't take so much influence from Hell Yeah and Nothingface. The band would sound so much better if it didn't seem like Tom Maxwell was writing the majority of the music.
  • Finally own Rough Cuts on CD. Let's hope this shit gets put out soon! Dyin' to hear it all... seen them play so many times I know almost all the songs!


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