• Kiss @ Tokyo Dome Japan 3 Mar 2015

    7 jan. 2015, 13h49m par emicom
    (New York City, USA, since 1973, hard rock classic rock glam rock rock 80s, similar to Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper)

    Paul Stanley – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1973–present)
    Gene Simmons – lead vocals, bass guitar (1973–present)
    Eric Singer – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1991–96, 2001–02, 2004–present)
    Tommy Thayer – lead guitar, backing vocals (2002–present)
    (former members)
  • Setlists Hellorwine + Roswell Farm + Triggers'n'Thorns, L'Amperage, 20-01-2012

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    21 mai 2010, 20h58m par misterBlonde84

    Mar 18 Mag – KISS, Taking Dawn


    C'è poco da dire, il concerto dei Kiss è uno spettacolo dalla qualità assicurata!! Lo show in quanto tale è probabilmente uno dei migliori, veramente gigantesco se si pensa poi che lo organizzano in stadi di medie dimensioni.
    Purtroppo l'unica nota negativa è che i Vigili del Fuoco di Milano non han dato il permesso di utilizzare le fiamme (anche se poi in realtà un paio di volte le hanno accese ugualmente).
    Il bello dei KISS è che mettono davvero al centro dello spettacolo il pubblico, come giusto un altro paio di musicisti sanno fare alla stessa maniera! Si rendono perfettamente conto che sono i fan che li hanno portati dove sono oggi!

    Ad ogni modo, parlando del concerto vero e proprio, i Kiss in questo "Sonic Boom Over Europe" hanno dato veramente il massimo, come sempre del resto, da ottimi professionisti quali sono.
    La scenografia era veramente mozzafiato…
  • KISS Friday 13th Donington

    16 juin 2008, 14h44m par FL0RECITA

    I wanted the best, and I got the best, I saw the hottest band in the world, KISS !!!

    A huge curtain hid the stage from the audience. Even the KISS set without KISS on it is more 'rock' than any other act on the planet. KISS have an effective and powerful back catalogue of songs and they were about to unleash them to devastating effect. The stage is massive and every song has its own show elements and theatrical magic, and this show had thirty five years of dramatic creativity packed into an ultra expensive rock extravaganza.

    The curtain dropped and the band descended onto the stage, and proceeded to smash open a classic show with ‘Deuce’, to the blast of fireworks, a phenomenal light array, and 10 pillars of burning flame shooting out from the stage to singe the eyebrows of anyone within 50 metres. 'Awesome', is the only word to describe the initial impression. And there was much more of this to come!

    Deuce’ has been a killer opening KISS song for nearly 35 years, and they are not about to abandon a winning formula…
  • Das rockt! Sogar noch zuhause.

    12 juin 2008, 14h33m par Morganoure

    Groß Zeit, etwas über den Event an sich zu schreiben, habe ich gerade nicht, ist auch kaum notwendig, wie Paul Stanley schon sagt: Kiss rules halt ;)

    Was für mich neu war, war der Live-CD-Dienst, der es erlaubte, "kurz" nach Ende des Konzerts schon zwei gepresste CDs mit einem Mitschnitt des Konzerts zu kaufen. Für 20 Euro nicht billig, aber angesichts des Aufwands und der relativ kleinen Auflage auch nicht wirklich schlecht. Auch wenn einem bei der Länge der Schlange hätte schlecht werden können, kam wohl sehr gut an.

    Nun liegt auf jeden Fall eine Doppel-CD KISS Alive/35 Tour - Oberhausen 2008-06-11 vor mir, und da ich Musik üblicherweise über eine Roku Soundbridge streame, wanderten erstmal die MP3s auf den Rechner. Leider fehlte die Playlist, weswegen ich diesen Blog-Eintrag nur schnell mißbrauche, um anderen mp3-Stücke-ordentlich-Beschriftlern das Mühsame stückweise durchhören zum Benamsen zu Ersparen:

    CD 1:
    Got To Choose
    Hotter Than Hell
    Nothin' To Lose

    1 juin 2008, 17h27m par Prestine-girl

    KISS ALIVE 35 STOCKHOLM STADION on the 30th of May, was one of the best days of my life.
    I took the subway to, Stockholm Stadion (Stadium), which was crowded and packed with Kiss people. As I arrived, I passed Woodstock resembling camps of people everywhere as well as people with the beloved Starchild makeup which set the mood!!!
    I decided to speed up my tempo in an attempt to find the line which was a few kilometers long (for real). As I found the end of the line at like 5.10 pm, I got in at 5.25 pm - CREDS to the staff for working efficiently!
    The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze and I bought a KISS ALIVE 35 T-SHIRT <3 along with a Fanta though wasn't aloud to keep the cap (LOL?).

    At around 7 the first preband performed whome
    I still feel sorry for; HappyPill who gave their best but didn't get any response from a very picky and tough crowd.

  • Queríais lo mejor

    28 oct. 2007, 14h58m par FL0RECITA

    Queríais lo mejor y lo tenéis.
    La banda más caliente del país, ¡Kiss!


    Levanta y llévate a tu abuela de aquí.
    el viejo Jim está trabajando de firme este año.
    Nena, haz lo que él te diga. (¡Hazlo!)

    Nena, si te sientes bien.
    Nena, si estás a gusto.
    Sabes que tu hombre está trabajando de firme.
    ¡Vale el doble!

    Cariño, no trates a tu hombre como a un niño
    y nena, deja de derramar tanta lágrima.
    Nena, haz lo que él te diga. (¡Hazlo!)

    Nena, si te sientes bien.
    Y nena, si estás a gusto.
    Sabes que tu hombre está trabajando de firme.


    Sé una o dos cosas sobre ella.
    Sé que sólo te hará llorar.
    Ella te dejará pasear por la calle a su lado,
    pero cuando quiera, pasará de ti.

    Todos dicen que está estupenda
    y la mujer lo sabe, se sobreentiende.

    Luce prendas de satén como una dama.
    Se sale con la suya igual que un niño.
    La llevas a casa y dice: «tal vez, chico».
    Te deja abatido y te vuelve loco.

    Hotter than Hell/Más Caliente que el Infierno
  • Do you understand KISS?

    2 jui. 2007, 0h58m par MetallicaACDC

    I've noticed that a lot classic rock fans don't have respect for the band Kiss. This is something I fail to understand, because I've been a fan of KISS long before I loved Led Zeppelin or AC/DC and I don't see how KISS is any less credible than those bands. People say they're sell-outs, they say their music sucks and they're just for people with bad taste in music. If you're one of those people, then hopefully this will help to change your persepective on KISS.

    First thing you need to know is that it's always typed as "KISS"... never "Kiss". The people at really screwed up with calling them "Kiss". The reason it's always in caps is that lead guitarist Ace Frehley made the original logo in all caps and it appears that way on all of KISS cd's and merchandise. So, don't look like an idiot, and always type "KISS". (And no, it's not an acronym for anything. It's not "Knights in Satan's Service" or anything like that. It's just "KISS")
  • a classic

    6 juin 2006, 1h02m par deandawkins

    from alive1