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  • Avatar de MetallicaSox
    I came to write a comment on this track, only to realise I have already done it before, ha. I am just so in love with this song.
  • Avatar de damnruckus
    This shit is good
  • Avatar de Javinry
    One of the very best progressive suites ever written, near Close To The Edge by Yes. Intense, beautiful, smart, genius...
  • Avatar de aTacoNazi
    It's very easy to argue for this song being the most satisfying 'rock' oriented song ever created
  • Avatar de MetallicaSox
    Amazing track. Just imagine if Greg was singing it..
  • Avatar de smirkmenn
    dat recapitulation [1] a fitting end to the First Mellotron Era, imho.
  • Avatar de hessel-z
    The last minute has to be one of the most powerful moments in music ever.
  • Avatar de eternal_absence
    one of the best songs ever. (2) agreed. Majestic live too!
  • Avatar de pteronophobic
    I agree that the versions with David Cross are ace. What's to say about this song that hasn't already been said? One of the best songs in progressive rock, one of the exemplars of the genre.
  • Avatar de hessel-z
    Best KC song and one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar de venicechance
    Fabulous song.
  • Avatar de MisterJunior
    Arguably the best song by any iteration of Crimson. Pretty much every quality of the band is represented in this track.
  • Avatar de petross85
    Absolutely amazing
  • Avatar de Bataller
    dat recapitulation
  • Avatar de clerkofsound
    All that is good about King Crimson. Timeless and without boundaries
  • Avatar de Cassandra-Leo
    Also if you haven't heard the versions from The Great Deceiver, do so now. The only thing that can improve this song is David Cross on violin.
  • Avatar de Cassandra-Leo
    I just realised King Crimson pretty much invented post-rock with this song.
  • Avatar de SisterLeonella
    ★★★★★ Somptueux. [2]
  • Avatar de TheOnlyMAD
    Their best song and one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar de nicolasbj
  • Avatar de glimworm1maar
  • Avatar de white_lemur
    That ending! Masterpiece!
  • Avatar de sonofpfunk
    The sax is a bit much on the studio version.
  • Avatar de mledkov
    This is so beautiful. There are tears in my eyes every time I listen to this marvel.
  • Avatar de Assedor
    This music changes outlook on life, helping to find answers to various questions, opens up new opportunities for development and self-improvement and most importantly, it gives a good mood and the ability to split it with other people.
  • Avatar de Toll_Suur
    The sky is starless, but this song is still having a thousand stars out of a thousand
  • Avatar de echodevaneado
    Um dos momentos mais suggestivos da obra do Don Cherry.
  • Avatar de mgpixlab
    ★★★★★ Sumptuous.
  • Avatar de rockandrolljoe
  • Avatar de Wotsthedeal
    @John Abercrombie That's John Wetton.
  • Avatar de elchingolense
    what can you really say about this one? it's simply perfect, that's it.
  • Avatar de petross85
    Wow. I love a different part of it every time I listen
  • Avatar de SonOfThirteen
    Tony Levin pulling up trees towards the end there, bits of bass flying everywhere
  • Avatar de SonOfThirteen
  • Avatar de Philbitar
    Great! Love the Mellotron
  • Avatar de postmadesign
    I will have to close door and windows and listen to this really loud!
  • Avatar de postmadesign
  • Avatar de efekok
    speechless.. this song gives you the chance to feel your soul
  • Avatar de led_sabbath
    From romantic to orgiastic in 12 minutes!
  • Avatar de Assedor
    Band maintains its sound; creating music is about one key for all the albums. It should be noted that the team is trying to squeeze out all the creative juices, the entire potential. The band is still very, very recognizable. However, looking at the membership does not have to wonder.
  • Avatar de Harry_01
    This song sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it! [2] It's so beautiful.
  • Avatar de Blancandrin
    Song of Songs
  • Avatar de mledkov
    If only one song is to survive a nuclear war it should be this one. (2)
  • Avatar de HinduWall
    This song is so fucking amazing. It's so many emotions. But the second movement recalls Animal Farm for me.
  • Avatar de gonzaloPV
    What a fantastic song. It's likely the one that made me get deeper into their songs. My favourite song from them so far.
  • Avatar de wakey68
    Simply perfect!
  • Avatar de Ennish
    Literally the perfect way to end an album like this. It's a mostly-somber piece that still has a bit of bite left to it, yet it's all the while very emotional and beautiful. This is certainly one song the band should be remembered for.
  • Avatar de LiquidEternity
    I'm pretty sure this is The Song. Song of Songs. For ever and ever.
  • Avatar de petross85
    holy fuck them drums.......
  • Avatar de thomasfranco
    If I had to choose a song to play at my funeral, it would be this one.


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