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  • more like kind of like shitting because this guy is BAD
  • oh guys I have a stupid problem: where can i find You i seek lyrics? :c
  • There are some people I don't want to let down, bells to ring and friends to fling my arms around. Yes I know what's up must come down, please, don't take the good parts away.
  • This kols video is so cool:
  • hes been one of my favorite song writers since i was like fourteen. and i still feel the same about his music after all these years
  • thx dood
  • I'm guessing a lot of people try and find rare KOLS stuff as much as I do, so here's some stuff he released in 2011. I really love "Everything is Free."
  • I love this band so much.
  • well not anymore i guess
  • most played track is a bad religion cover. lame shit
  • I feel an obsession coming on.
  • Love, love love love love love love. I've not got a foul thing to say about this band, I only wish they offered FLAC downloads on their site.
  • where the fuck was this band my entire life [2] Great show in Toronto!!
  • where the fuck was this band my entire life
  • Touring again? Just bought my tickets for Cambridge, MA! Enjoyed your last show in this area at The Middle East Upstairs - you stepped off the stage and played in the middle of the crowd.
  • Great show in Portland with AJJ!
  • has a bunch of videos from the show...full band >_>"
  • he's playing a show in new york soon.
  • this is brilliant.
  • Ben is writing again, playing again. - recent(ish) set.
  • v yeah wut is this?
  • "Now active again"?
  • so miserable
  • reunion show in St. Catharines Ontario. Sunday July 24 at Rise Above Bakery. details:
  • whenever i go to sleep i always start listening to KOLS, then i never go to bed.
  • music for being content with depression
  • music for the curing of depression
  • I'm going to try and upload some of the rare KoLS material I have here - - so it doesn't get completely lost.
  • you get what you put in, I guess thats bullshit in the end
  • kind of like all day everyday
  • Anybody check out Blunt Mechanic? got to see them play a basement in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, really good. Different but good.
  • kind of like every day of the last three years
  • never heard that one before
  • kind of like shitting
  • I've never been a top listener for ANYONE before. I feel special.
  • オーサム!
  • and his hoodie smelt like gasoline<3
  • Ben Barnett is a cool motherfucker
  • someone send me the song all else failed. please?
  • why does boy meet girl always leave me feeling ripped off?
  • I REALLY love Thrill of the Hunt.. In what order should I listen to the others? I've heard part of Bridges Worth Burning, but it sounded completely different..
  • This is fucking excellent.
  • Does KoLS have any other albums that are like Bridges Worth Burning? Or do any of his other projects sound similar? I love that album but I really can't stand it when he plays acoustic.
  • you made me fall in love. and so you will always sound beautiful to me, always.
  • did anyone else know that ben was on hush record's video podcast, hushcast? pretty rad. that plus david j and sean from ajj bring the noise in one of the videos, so great.
  • Fuck y'all, Ben Barnett is the most majestic creature I've ever encountered. PS- You have a lazy eye pompler.
  • Amazing, probably one of the most amazing musicians that play just for the music.
  • you can deny yourself living but then you do yourself wrong. deny yourself nothing. that won't last for long.
  • Ben makes me cry when I'm alone in my room. :/ And not by ass raping me, I just turn on his music, lol.


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