• Sonic Youth down...two next bands for September!

    5 sept. 2006, 11h47m par tastyanagram

    I'm horrible and haven't written up the Sonic Youth show I went to at Avalon with decklin this weekend. In my own defense, I feel I couldn't do it justice. Suffice it to say that, dude, love the riot grrls, but Kim Gordon's flailing about was a little old. I absolutely loved Steve Shelley's drumming, though (although I just fucking love the drums, period). And overall the show was, well, fantastic. I'll leave it to bigger Sonic Youth fans to attest.

    What next? Well, as my page has so patiently been reminding me (God, I fucking love this site), Chan Marshall is playing not one, but two solo shows tonight at the Museum of Fine Arts. Seeing as I live all of a ten minutes' walk from the MFA, I had to sit here in my underwear this morning, instead of getting dressed for work, and score a ticket for tonight's 10 PM show. (A girl's got to make her appointments in Cambridge and hit the library for some reserve readings before having fun - school starts up again tomorrow!)

  • New Purchases

    9 jui. 2006, 16h35m par tweedyfarrar

    I have just recently purchased a large amount of new music due to a roadtrip to Conneticut to visit my girlfriend. The trip included stops in Richmond, VA and NY,NY, where most of the music was purchased.
    The Little Willies- The Little Willies
    Bob Dylan- At Budokan
    Sonic Youth- Rather Ripped
    The Band- Moondog Matinee
    Drive-By Truckers- Southern Rock Opera
    Big Star- Third/Sister Lovers
    The Waifs- Brief History (live album)
    Abigail Washburn- The Sparrow Quintent

    The first three were picked up in Richmond, VA at this really cool record store, whose name escapes me at the moment. Though the Little Willies and Dylan albums were used, they seemed to be in pretty good condition.

    The Little Willies are a cool side project featuring Norah Jones, Richard Julian, Lee Alexander, and others. They play a mixture of covers (Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, etc.) and originals. Its a light hearted record with a lot of cool moments with the band members obviously enjoying the non-pressure of the situation.
  • Pollution you can groove the cruel summer.

    6 jui. 2006, 6h06m par shirleebee

    Since I made so many new friends & enemies in my last post, I figured, well...I might as well also post this livejournal entry on so my cyber stock can continue to skyrocket. hahaha.


    What's with SPIN's makeover? It fucking sucks!
    Beyonce is on the cover?

    EDIT: Oh God, I just found out so much shit regarding SPIN.
    I'll have to update another time about it. Let's just say: things don't look good.

    For all my "" leanings,
    I've found myself vaguely nostalgic for mainstream 90's rock circa 1994, this encompassing both sides of the pond & two disparate, inversely proportional movements: & Post-Grunge The Smashing Pumpkins [yes, a movement unto themselves]. I keep putting Parklife and Siamese Dream on repeat.

    I d/led a good portion of Regina Spektor's new album, "Begin To Hope".
    I'd say I've warmed considerably toward her, but I remain unconvinced that I will ever actually purchase her music.
    This is "Samson"; I love the lyrics:
  • karen OHHHHHH

    30 mai 2006, 22h22m par asketo

    woohoo! the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on this month's cover of BUST. a nice segue from my last night in mad-town seeing their dvd playing at supersonic.
    they give a nice little interview. concerning, though, because K.O. mentions maybe taking some time off to make babies. don't do it! Kim Gordon did the second shift JUST FINE! AND ran a clothing line!

    does anyone remember that article in seventeen magazine? would have been oh, ten years ago, back when culture was confused, they did a little interview with kim gordon and she talks about baby spit.
  • Rather Ripped

    13 avr. 2006, 19h56m par Pauli_

    Here we go, two new Sonic Youth songs! Their upcoming new studio album, Rather Ripped (release due to 06/06/06), is deffenately one of my most awaited new albums this year. Thank you Contristo for the link to hear these two new absolutely brilliant songs; Reena and Incinerate.

    I've been quite anxious to get this album, of course because I love Sonic Youth so much, but also because I'm very interested to see how their sound will change, now that they're without Jim O'Rourke, whom with they've made two of their previous albums, Murray Street and Sonic Nurse. Jim O'Rourke gave Sonic Youth an entirely new dimension by all his very smooth, soft and gentle guitar sounds, which pleased, at least my ears, very nicely. Also I belive he affected alot on the structures of all the songs on those two albums. At first I was abit dissapointed to hear that he was no longer going to be a member of the band, but on the other hand I was content to hear that the next album will be just the 4-member Sonic Youth, as we've come to know and love them. …
  • 5 Women I Appreciate and 5 I Don't (Part 2 of 2 in a Series)

    6 avr. 2006, 18h37m par Annie_Reckson

    This one was actually lot harder to do, mostly because at first I was having a hard time picking out women that I truly appreciated. Of course, once I got started it was hard to narrow them down. It's like when you're trying to pick your favourite Radiohead song and you struggle and struggle trying to think of it and then you're like "Oh yea! I LOVE 'Sit Down. Stand Up'!". But then you realize that you also equally love Climbing up the Walls, High and Dry, Airbag, and Pyramid Song. I like run-on sentences.

    5 Women I Appreciate

    * Kim Gordon
    Yea...I sort of blame her for making people with AWFUL sounding voices think they can sing, but anyone that can be as influential as she is and still pull off the "I'm a mom but I'm gonna dress like I'm still 18" look deserves my respect.

    *Kate Bush
    A recent discovery. Love? Yes. Would music made by females be as interesting if she hadn't come around? Nope.

    *Amy Millan
  • The Legion of Doom

    30 mars 2006, 1h53m par Zezozoze


    Cream.Traveling Wilburys. Contraband.

    Much like the Superfriends. Combining their impressive powers for good of humanity. But for every team of superheroes, there must be an equivalent evil counterpart.

    And here they are. The Legion of Doom to Captain Beyond's Superfriends. These fiends have joined forces to stage a massive assault on the city built on Rock N' Roll. They have gathered in the studio to jam hard on a cover of the old timey nostalgia fun anthem, Crocodile Rock, to be released on the soundtrack of a comedic remake of "The Wild Bunch" starring Adam Sandler, Carlos Mencia, and the Wayans Brothers. The B-Side of the single will be a cover of Bad to the Bone, and will be made available for the soundtrack of any movie that has a scene involving a baby wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. Here's the sinister roster.

    Shabba Ranks- Lead Vocals
    I suppose just about any dancehall singer would be appropriate, as I have an intense hatred for the style as a whole. …
  • radio free dominion 1

    7 mars 2006, 19h09m par avatarofnirvana

    The albums I listen to as I collate:

    SMiLE - I don't get what the big deal was. The overuse of cartoon sound effects turns me off, though there were a handful of tracks I very much enjoyed.

    The Whitey Album - Sonic Youth are a very strange (and in the case of Thurston Moore very tall) band. That being said the one off Ciccone Youth side project seems like it paved the way for what would bridge their signature sound between more noise oriented sonics to a more noise based SONGS. It isn't a bad album, but not particularly great either. For me, the instrumentals are the high points. And while I admit that a track of 2 minutes of silence is hilarious, it also clutters my iPod. Also amusing is the fairly faithful cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love and some Madonna. It's pretty much the earliest recording I've heard yet where Kim Gordon doesn't ruin the track. All in all, actually a pretty good album.

    Castaways and Cutouts The first time I've actually listened to a Decemberists cd…
  • Drinking Tea With Kim Gordon

    2 mars 2006, 9h41m par MissDeviance

    Well hello there boys and girls, ladies and gentelmen. Ive never used this blog thing before, but I feel I must in order to tell you about...
    The Amatur Teabag Club

    Tis the band Susu and I created whilst drinking tea with Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth fame) hence the title of our first collaborative.

    I played drums, she played guitar (and bass when the feeling took her) and Kim Gordon sang wonderfully in the background.

    Ok, ok, we didnt actually meet Kim Gordon, but we did record with her at the fatastic Her Noise exhibition. And we did get to send her a copy of out bangings which we were assured she listened to.

    And that is all from me. Look out for more of the Amatur Teabag Club in the future and if you would like to hear our wonderfullaughable attempts at being rock stars then send me a message.

    Good Day !

    The Amatur Teabag Club collectivly wish to praise the following for making the world a better place...or something
    Sonic Youth
    Kim Gordon
  • expressway to my heart

    24 fév. 2006, 18h07m par heaventree22

    i was just reminiscing about the most exciting show i went to last year, at the vox populi art gallery in philadelphia. it was a noise show, headlined by a kim/thurston side project. christ, i can't even remember what they called themselves. i want to say mirror/dash.

    well, as luck would have it, my friend , i don't even know how this was arranged, but it was arranged that thurston would be using his friend's amp, and that got him and 4 of his friends into the show early and free. can you see where this is going? haha i should do this post in installments. but i won't.

    anyway, we got into the show early to bring in the amp. (you know i think it was that herbie knew someone who ran vox populi? maybe? i could be totally wrong.)

    the actual show was in a loft-attic type space above the art gallery. very dirty-warehouse feeling. there are a few kids there early, sort of milling around and basking in their own hipness or what have you. …