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  • Avatar de pachanka
    Don't be a square M
  • Avatar de square_m
    Absolutely forgettable sound, sorry.
  • Avatar de kylehovey
    The Curved Line has been on repeat the last week, it's excellent
  • Avatar de Diandi69
    fuckin respect man the new album is great
  • Avatar de Aramaki_
    Some really good stuff here
  • Avatar de sidewinder03
    New album out in August! The Curved Line. First song:
  • Avatar de mpedrohenrique
    man, that's good
  • Avatar de rpb140990
    A very inventive producer
  • Avatar de kitestring
    Mindblowing, nothing like him out there
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    New picture:
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    multiple forms of awesome music
  • Avatar de ChemicalOkashi
    Amazing Artist!
  • Avatar de elcruusto
    Massively underrated. As an electronica album Golden Eagle pisses all over the new BoC and was way more exciting to wait for.
  • Avatar de shephard_advis
  • Avatar de shephard_advis
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    Awesome album.
  • Avatar de sidewinder03
    Stream The Golden Eagle:
  • Avatar de rewirefestival
    Kelpe will perform live on Saturday 9 Nov at [event=3536498]REWIRE Festival 2013[/event], Den Haag, The Netherlands.
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    New single:
  • Avatar de 3aTkHuCb
    Petrified still one of my favorite since 2009. Thanks, Kelpe!
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    Out now:
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    Free downloads:
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    New pictures:
  • Avatar de sidewinder03
    New track "Answered" from 3-track 12" out April 15. New Album June 3rd!
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    your sound provide a safe place
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    I love his Svetlana EPs.
  • Avatar de achromes
    ex-aquarium ♡
  • Avatar de Issa_0318
    Pinch And Flare !
  • Avatar de Merowinger110
    "Bags Of Time" is really nice.
  • Avatar de plasticpine
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    i need to eat more coloured papers
  • Avatar de jcotteri
    I need to buy more albums
  • Avatar de zamazingoo_com
    Watch & Listen! Great Performance: Kelpe - The Blankout Agreement (live at home)
  • Avatar de samheerey
    Wisconsin beatsmith Lorn has just put up two tracks off his upcoming album "Ask The Dust", coming out 18th June, on Ninja's Soundcloud. Both tracks are dark and powerful and definitely worth a listen. Check them here &
  • Avatar de Duban1
    Ex-Aquarium is my favorite album of all time.
  • Avatar de aciton
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    pure move
  • Avatar de cdax2307
    great rec.
  • Avatar de kelpe
    check a track from the forthcoming EP:
  • Avatar de Manifestheory
    You should talk to the booking agent from the sub.mission crew in denver!
  • Avatar de braydee
    'Petrified' is such a great song.
  • Avatar de albert0balsalm
  • Avatar de timmehh
    cut it upwards will always be my fav kelpe track!
  • Avatar de smithrob
    Amazing stuff!
  • Avatar de balist0
    Really verily good stuff
  • Avatar de OscarDTravis
    this guy has serious talent :)
  • Avatar de Unkn0wnumb3rs
    He deserves way more fans than this... Music this good shouldn't be left with so little listeners...
  • Avatar de snah_
    Margins is such a tune!
  • Avatar de sagberg23
    KELPE live at the Boys Club in Dalston on the 11th of march - free entry until 10pm!
  • Avatar de dowders9
    Always manage to find something new to keep me engaged. Fantastic stuff


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