• Being a Fan

    6 oct. 2005, 11h57m par hilarion

    I've been looking through some bands in last.fm and found that I'm in the "Top Fans" listing of quite many artists. The only band that both last.fm and myself consider something that I'm really a fan of - is Icon of Coil (9th biggest fan).

    #1 on my list, Nine Inch Nails is so popular that I don't really stand a chance to users who have been using AS longer than I have, and listened relatively more to NIN. The same case is with all other top artists.

    I'm not sure how last.fm counts the fan lists, but I generally listen to many artists fewer times than to a few artists a lot. But I guess being an IOC fan alone is a great achievement. I mean, there are a LOT of people on last.fm so I guess very few people actually can be fans of many bands.

    Then there are also lots of very small bands that I'm a fan of. Because so few people have listened to them, practically everyone listening to them on last.fm becomes a fan. Most of these are of course Finnish…
  • Week 33 in retrospect

    22 août 2005, 7h56m par hilarion


    Combichrist was the undisputed name of the week, and the tracks from the album Everybody Hates You are all well-represented in the Track chart as well. Especially the first five tracks, which I immediately fell in love with, got significant plays. By time, I've become to like the more techno influenced second half of the album. The second, more experimental CD, I've listened to only once. It's not very impressive. During this week, Combichrist climbed from #51 to #13 on the overall artist chart. This must be some kind of a record although I haven't been counting.

    Assemblage 23 was a good second, thanks to the album Storm and especially the song You Haven't Earned It (weekly chart #3) which is my favorite on the album. Storm might even be the band's best album after Failure and Divide (weekly tracks chart #5) is one of the best songs on Failure. A23 climbed three positions in the overall charts this week.

    Death in June can also thank one particular album for their success this week: But…