• [Review] - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

    25 avr. 2012, 19h52m par Pedro_H3nrique

    Katy Perry was one of the most important singers in the charts in last two years. But her number one songs don't show if she is a great artist or singer just because she topped charts. In her Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, her label decided to make her the artist with most number one songs from a single album.
    "Teenage Dream" is the strongest song in the album. This vintage vibe and Perry's vocal performance are really good."Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is quite good song. It's really fun, but her songwriting skills are near the nothing..."California Gurls" is a great upbeat tempo song. This tribute for the "West Coast" was really nice and very well produced."Firework" is a really nice dance track, though it's lyrics are terribly horrible. There's no sense in some parts like: "Baby you're a firework/Come on show them what you're worth"."Peacock" is the catchiest song in the album. And the worst too... …
  • Canção 'Heavy Metal Lover' acaba de completar 100 execuções.

    22 fév. 2012, 4h30m par dougms

    A canção Heavy Metal Lover, do álbum Born This Way acabou de completar 100 execuções neste perfil. A canção não é single, e apenas 6 canções (não singles) conseguiram tal fato, sendo elas: Not Like the Movies, In Your Shadow I Can Shine, Hair, Monster, Government Hooker e Pain Of Love.
  • Katy Perry - March 30th 2011.

    3 avr. 2011, 23h02m par MusicalPanda

    Wed 30 Mar – Katy Perry, Yelle, DJ Skeet Skeet

    On Wednesday night I attented Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour in Nottingham, UK! Whilst it may have been my second concert it was probably the better of the two, mainly for artist-audience relationship. Katy communicated with the audience throughout the concert, such as the coin-throwing, giving kisses, bringing people up on stage etc.

    I had the pleasure of standing at the front, slightly to the left.
    Yelle and DJ Skeet Skeet were the support acts. Yelle was amazing and was good to dance to, even if you don't understand the french. Skeet Skeet's set turned into one big rave which was a little painful when standing next to a crazy person but he really got the crowd going and prepared for Katy!
    Normally there's a short break in between the last support act and the main artist but Katy came on more or less straight away.

    The concert started with a mini-movie cutscene, which ends with Katy entering in Candyland and then appearing on stage to sing Teenage Dream in a pink dress. …
  • Katy Perry - Not Like The Movies

    10 oct. 2010, 17h15m par JadeOhara

    Katy Perry
    Teenage Dream
    Not Like the Movies


    He put it on me, I put it on
    Like there was nothing wrong
    It didn't fit, it wasn't right
    Wasn't just the size
    They say you know when you know
    I don't know

    I didn't feel the fairytale feeling, no
    Am I stupid girl for even dreaming that I could?

    If it's not like the movies
    That's how it should be, yeah
    When he's the one I'll come undone
    And my world will stop spinning
    And that's just the beggining

    Snow White said when I was young
    "One day my prince will come"
    So I'll wait for that date
    They say it's hard to meet your match
    Find my better half
    So we make perfect shapes

    If the stars don't align
    If it doesn't stop time
    If you can't see the sign
    Wait for it
    One hundred percent
    With every penny spent
    He'll be the one that finishes your sentences

    If it's not like the movies
    That's how it should be, yeah
    When he's the one I'll come undone
    And my world will stop spinning
    And that's just the beggining
  • Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

    20 août 2010, 3h06m par tevu_psyduck

    ENFIM³! *fireworks and glitter everywhere!*
    Uma das obras primas de 2010! Sim, estou falando dessa baixinha, fofinha, meiguinha, que já beijou garotas e gostou de fazer isso! Katy Perry detonando em seu novo album Teenage Dream!

    Mas falemos das faixas primeiro, e depois de uma crítica geral sobre o álbum!
    Let's go all the way tonight!

    O álbum começa com a faixa homonima Teenage Dream. Segundo single lançado, essa música começa de maneira até "estranha", ao meu ver, para o pop atual, que sempre começa com algo escandalosamente dançante. Mas parece que ela começa a abrir um livro com essa música... Aos poucos ela conta o que é o sonho adolecente dela e, como verão, pelo que ela passará e aprontará em todas as faixas! Sim, o álbum parece um livro! PERFECT!

    Em seguida temos a animadinha Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). Nesse momento pensei "putz, o álbum vai ser todo paradinho... não é possivel"... Mas, mais uma vez, a letra da música fala tudo sobre o que aprontamos na adolescência (durante a faculdade também…