• I'm not sure what to call this one.

    12 avr. 2010, 20h28m par strawpig

    Thu 8 Apr – The Kathryn Tickell Band

    To get it out of my system before I write this. ARGH! WHY DO GIGS LIKE THIS HAVE SEATS?!? I WANT TO BOUNCE!

    So yes. Despite having lived a few minutes up the road for a couple of years, it took until after I'd moved to the smoke to make it to a gig at The Maltings.

    It was well worth it though! Dancy stuff is always my favourite folk music and Kathryn Tickell is among the best people at playing them (and one of my favourites) so it was bound to be good. A great set of up tempo stuff with occasional waltzes and even the odd lament (which didn't annoy me, despite not being dancy). It was a good humoured fun set too which left everyone smiling at the end.
  • Music and trees.

    27 jui. 2009, 22h18m par strawpig

    Sun 26 Jul – Folk by the Oak

    I've written (and ranted) about my feelings about this event as an event elsewhere in the universe so I'll stick with my thoughts about the music. I'll start by saying, everyone was absolutely fantastic and all played brilliantly, there wasn't a dud act on the line up and the setting was great.

    First up were The Shee, they're a scottish group who were nice and bouncy! I've been listening to them a lot ever since a friend of mine (who was in university with one of them) recommended them to me, so I was really looking forward. They really didn't disappoint! Very tight and bouncy and they used the low strings on the harp to provide a really weird (but very cool sounding) bass line. They could have done with a more interactive audience but were excellent none the less.

    Chris Wood was up next, he was a much more mellow affair. Very good story songs. His guitaring was very repetitive, but not in a bad way, almost hypnotic and very chilled out.

  • 12 March 2004: Kathryn Tickell - The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, England, UK

    12 jan. 2009, 13h25m par livemusicreview

    12 March 2004: Kathryn Tickell - The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, England, UK

    I'm not really a big folk music lover but having discovered the delights of Kate Rusby I have made more of an effort to search out the cream of the crop of British folk music.

    I first heard Kathryn Tickell on Women's Hour on radio 4 (god I must be getting old) and immediately knew that this person had real talent. A Northumbrian lass who plays the Northumbrian smallpipes and fiddle but applying them to modern compositions as well as...

    Fri 12 Mar – Kathryn Tickell
  • A day in the round room

    23 jui. 2008, 18h29m par strawpig

    Sun 20 Jul – BBC Proms 4 & 5 - Folk Day and Ceilidh

    After walking ALL the way round the outside of the Royal Albert Hall, due to some confusion over doors, we settled ourselves down on the arena floor.

    First up was a singer called Bella Hardy, I wasn't entirely impressed in that she had a good voice, but there was no interest in the song (Seventeen Come Sunday) which was followed by a rather lackluster Royal Northern Windband playing Vaughn Williams' English Folk Song Suite (the first movement of which is Seventeen Come Sunday).

    Next up (after another Bella Hardy singing the original) was a rather fab Granger arrangement of a rather fab folk tune.

    The next bit was rather too "modern" for my liking and went on and on (and on!).

    The second half was opened by a group of kids playing various folky tunes. Turns out they're taught by Kathryn Tickell. They were (unsurprisingly) very very good.

    Next up were some hungarians playing traditional hungarian music, which was fab.