• kf in Linz

    16 nov. 2010, 16h49m par tamaryllis

    Last week I did something which I used to do quite often, but had neglected severely during the last one and a half years: I went to a concert of one of my favourite musicians – this time it was Katharina Franck’s gig at Posthof in Linz. Since it was her only concert in Austria on this tour, I took the chance and the train to Linz.

    As usual I was there too early, expecting a small crowd already waiting – but nada! Instead the audience only consisted of about 30 people, which was really sad I thought – but on the one hand that was probably because Katharina Franck’s music is not that widely known in Austria and her last concert over here had been quite some time ago ... well, but besides that, a “private concert” like this is of course always nice. :-)

    The opener of the concert was an a cappella song which I didn’t know, but which formed a beautiful intro to an evening of songs from all eras of Katharina’s career. The first part consisted of songs from her recent solo albums and during…
  • Bob Dorough is streamable :)

    6 nov. 2005, 18h57m par transcendentalA

    I was just browsing around the site and noticed all the Bob Dorough albums are streamable know. Wow, I love you guys, he is one of my favourite vocal jazz artists :)

    Want to try?
    I've Got Just About Everything
    Baltimore Oriole

    It get's even better. After checking, I've noticed, the 3 artists I've emailed about 4 months ago are now all streamable :))

    Katharina Franck is a german artist whom's album Zeitlupenkino got easy electronic beats and she kind of tells stories to them. Andy Warhols Mona Lisa is deffinitely my favourite track.

    And Wizo who is one of my favourite punk bands

    Thanks for these