• My Kate Bush album reviews

    15 jui. 2006, 19h16m par MachineOfaDream

    While I have a free moment, I'm going to write up some quick albums reviews for Kate Bush, being that I am addicted to her music and have a massive collection of her material. I feel I could offer people who are looking into her a little insight from someone who fell in love with her gradually.

    Albums will be listed in chronological order.

    The Kick Inside - Being that this is Kate's first album, and she was so young when it was made, my expectations were very low for this one. However, age of the album seems to have very little to do with the quality when it comes to Kate. She has always had an intoxicating passion for music. The Kick Inside is perhaps Kate's most consistent album. There's no song I feel a strong desire to skip, although there's nothing on here as minblowingly good as on some of her later works. The biggest standout track for me is "Kite" because it has so much energy. Of course, most people are really big on "Wuthering Heights" too. …
  • Katy Bush's Summer Aerial

    5 mai 2006, 18h51m par BobMcCow

    Why did she release this album at the start of winter? Its one of those albums that's defined by summery, bright weather! She is a strange witch indeed who does no promotion of her fine material.

    Anyway, I put Aerial on the CD player this morning. Simon said that he was just thinking of putting Aerial on, which was one of those nice synchronous moments you get. Or it might have been the twittering bird song outside that put us both in the same frame of mind.

    Listened to the second half of the album tonight - A Sky of Honey.

    I'm going to check out some George Harrison now, from All Things Must Pass. It's psychadelic, laid-back stuff man. Or at least I'd Have You Anytime is.
  • new acquisitions

    4 mai 2006, 21h40m par hasuf

    ...And This Is Our Music. after seeing DiG! last night, i'm on a mission to attain the entire bmj discography...



    Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Push Barman to Open Old Wounds

    B.R.M.C. i hadn't know that peter hayes had a connection with bmj until seeing DiG!. cool.

    Magical Mystery Tour
  • weekly chart analysis

    3 avr. 2006, 18h44m par Temujin

    Lots of Placebo this week, which isn't exactly surprising. I won tickets for a surprise 'secret' gig on monday, and I enjoyed it muchly. Some of the new songs aren't that great live, but Follow the Cops Back Home is now definitely my favourite song on Meds. They also played Nancy Boy, wich was a big surprise, and also the highlight of the gig. It's just so much fun.

    Maybe a word about the new album: it's good. It's not spectacular, but it's not bad at all. It has no real surprises (like Something Rotten) but it is pretty solid. It's typically Placebo really. Some songs do sound VERY familiar though, Follow the cops back home is almost nothing more than Black market blood with different lyrics. But I still love it.

    Anyway, I've been going back to the first album a lot recently. Especially Teenage Angst, for several reasons :)

    I listened to some of their b-sides again as well. Oxygen Thief and Bubblegun have always been big favourites of mine, but now I really got into Hug Bubble. …
  • Journals...

    22 mars 2006, 15h15m par Scellanis

    I already have a livejournal so if you want to read my journal you'll have to find me there.Aerial
  • Kate Bush - Aerial - )l

    18 fév. 2006, 23h08m par m-tracer

    You might know that a new Kate's CD came out, after 12 years of silence. Meet Aerial !!!

    I was searching in the web for some additional info - and found a really funny dispute: here it is, and please pay attention to the very last comment :))


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    Kate Bush sings Pi (incorrectly)

    I have been listening to Aerial, the new album from Kate Bush, and it just gets better with every hearing. One of my favourite tracks is "Pi":

    "a sentimental ode to a mathematician, audacious in both subject matter and treatment. The chorus is the number sung to many, many decimal places." - Observer Review

    But something kept nagging me about the song. Was Kate really singing Pi to 150 decimal places?
    I got hold of the lyrics and checked them against an online version of Pi. All was well for the first 53 decimal places but then Kate sang "threeeeee oneeeee"…
  • Kate Bush - Aerial

    2 jan. 2006, 12h25m par okoboji

    24 years ago, while driving with a friend on a day trip to Vermont, I was introduced to Kate Bush for the first time. The album was The Whole Story. I attempted to be kind to my friend and listen to the entire tape, but after 15 minutes, I decided that Kate Bush was not for me. And so, the tape was removed and we listened to something else for the rest of the trip. Three days latter, I called my friend up and asked her about the artist that I had banned from the tape player. She laughed at me, but knew I would come around to liking Kate Bush. Off to the store I went to get my own copy of The Whole Story - I was hooked. Within a month, I had purchased every album that Kate had released.

    Yesterday, I discovered Kate's newest album, Aerial. After 13 years since her last release, her latest is greatly welcomed. One of the most breath taking listening experiences ever. Who else do you of that could write a song about Pi and get away with it? (besides They Might Be Giants)

  • Perpetual purchase list

    17 déc. 2005, 12h26m par tonique