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  • <3
  • Fantastic! Kathleen Hanna is so wonderful! <3
  • You can get "The Well", the song that was exclusive to the GO! Olympia cassette compilation ([url=]discogs[/url]), at [url=][/url].
  • :-)
  • Me like...............
  • tops.
  • they're listening
  • Is no-one listening to 'Oh Come On'? It's a damn good come back.
  • on tour... >>>
  • fuckkkkk yessss grrrrrrrls
  • Hey Julie Ruin grrrls - can someone please please pleeeeeease add tracks for the page "The Chicago Liberation Band & Le Tigre"? There's no tracks on that page.
  • Yes its "The Julie Ruin" now. Makes sens since the band changed almost completly and come back a decade later, changing name a bit shouldnt be a problem.
  • thekillingspree, seems like it
  • Hey, I want an album.
  • so fucking amazing ♥
  • So, is it "The Julie Ruin" now? Because that's kinda not fun.
  • DOCUMENTARY ABOUT WOMEN IN PUNK MUSIC made by Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet) :
  • No, it is not.
  • I'd rather have a Feminist Sweepstakes II. It's not exactly high-fi is it now?
  • Amen, dude! Though I'm cool with both Le Tigre albums.
  • i hope the record does not turn in to a le tigre pt.2. i hope we get the same lo-fi style she did so well on the first one.
  • I hope they'll retain their original energy and style on the new album. Which they probably won't, but oh well...
  • In the studio now...
  • She's so electric punk !
  • She sure knows how to use samples in order to create some yummy stuff!
  • No, it actually has the right amount of it.
  • Needs more grrrl.
  • so beyond excited for more!!
  • can't wait to hear new songs!
  • :)
  • :) That comment below, makes me very happy.
  • I saw her give a talk in March, and she definitely said she was back with Julie Ruin, only now it's THE Julie Ruin. She and Kathi Wilcox (I think) are making a new album.
  • Kathleen is so inspirational.
  • "As for Hanna, a pioneer of the riot grrrl movement, when asked why Le Tigre broke up in 2005, she refused to answer, saying all will be revealed in another documentary about her life, being filmed now. She added that she has resurrected her '90s project Julie Ruin and will be recording under that name soon."
  • Coming back? "This was a solo project I did under a fake name in 1998. Twelve years later it turned into a 5 piece band. Please stay tuned for our upcoming album." Wow!
  • I don't care how we get it, but we'll get it someday.
  • zorrine lol
  • love her:))
  • still only 7907 listeners? weak.
  • since courtney love punched her in the face, is it wrong for me to like both of them??
  • Valeu aí HVoltage, vou baixar essa parada agora!!
  • Someone asked for some Julie Ruin? :)
  • I swear like everything this womyn touches turns to gold.
  • kathleen isn genie
  • Kathleen Hanna is beyond influencial.
  • Seriously, The gossip doesn't compare
  • Love Kathleen Hanna so much.


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