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  • Good album ! 40 years ago, unbelievable...
  • This album is amazing!
  • Masterpiece, Priests finest hour.
  • Their best.
  • best priest for me too. with a great cover also
  • Legendary album. Got some of metal's greatest guitar hooks.
  • Even though I think Stained Class is more concise, this will always be my favorite Judas Priest album. The songwriting here is excellent. The only bad thing I'd say is that the drummer is not Les Binks, but he gets the job done.
  • Classic album. The best Judas Priest album from the 70's age!
  • one of my favorite albums
  • amazing album! <3
  • Best Priest album for me [3] .Perfect album from start to finish and the artwork is stunning.
  • WTF with those tendencies...
  • Best Priest album for me [2]
  • Even the cover art for this album is a masterpiece
  • My favourite Pirest album, everything is perfect on this one even cover!!
  • The best of Priest - Classic album.
  • Nice cover art
  • probably the greatest heavy metal album ever recorded along with Stained Class, this shit is so much ahead of its time.
  • Something's fucked up with the tracklist.
  • Well, my vinyl (French version, pressed in 1976) has this order, what I consider right: Prelude, Tyrant, Genocide, Epitaph, IoD, VoC, The Ripper, DD, Deceiver.
  • which is the real order of this album?
  • This one and the debut of Black Sabbath are the very best Metal albums ever made
  • quite incredible how much it stands out from the other JP albums bringing prog and heavy metal together 'Victim of Changes' and 'Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver' really stand out as epic tracks, 'The Ripper' is a classic 'Genocide' is really cool, not my favourite but still indeed a great album
  • What an album! I wasn't even born when this came out, my mom was like 5 years old at the time :D... But I enjoy this a lot... And it has one of the best artwork of the 70's IMO, still really cool today.
  • "the original tracklist works so much better" It has never been confirmed if it is the intended tracklist or not. The original LP also starts with Victim of Changes.
  • Best Priest album for me.
  • epic album art
  • So badass!
  • Their best 70's album, doubtless!
  • Very good album. And the original tracklist works so much better, with Prelude being the first song as originally intended.
  • Really great. Dreamer Deceiver is so.....dreamy.
  • Fantastic album. Love Victim of Changes.
  • Amazing album. Full of power and great individual skills by all members. Victim of Changes and Dreamer Deceiver are the first songs which grabbed me as a Priest fan.
  • best '70s metal record?
  • The Best!!
  • So great.
  • Absolutely. The original trackorder is far superior.
  • The tracklisting needs to be corrected. It was correct on the back of the original Gull Records LP, but the actual tracks were misplaced side B before A and have been so on every release of the record since until JP fixed the problem on their complete albums boxed set. I know some people prefer the incorrect track order because either because they are used to it after all these years or because they actually think it flows better that way, but for me, it should be the way the band originally intended it. And honestly, it works better that way for me. Prelude should be the introduction to the album as its name suggests and Victim of Changes works even better later on in the record since it's such a huge song. I think Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver close the album better than Epitaph/Island of Domination.
  • their best album, tyrant and epitath are so great
  • @fatalportrait99: It's not the only good Priest, but it's by far better than their later stuff. You are overhyped. Get a reality check.
  • Nuff said. This is where it's at. And followed by Sin after Sin and Stained Class. Are you kidding me? How insane must that have been when they came out!
  • and that cover is an spectacular piece of art, perfection in every detail


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