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  • Avatar de nofarlevi
    you can use they offer mp3 download free:Photographs
  • Avatar de PurplePostRock
  • Avatar de Foggster
    great songwriting...
  • Avatar de BayouWitchIncen
    added to the tag "soulsongs" give it a listen.....
  • Avatar de Tiagont
    muito boa!
  • Avatar de senegalese
    irgendwie cool .erste klasse .
  • Avatar de MissVeronique
    "Your Sylvia Plath, when you get out the bath..."
  • Avatar de ythnkyknwme
    these photographs...kill me inside..
  • Avatar de JerryZola25
    great voice joining the other 3 josh's .. rouse, reddin and ritter
  • Avatar de bluejaydandy
    hippy happy pandery fun
  • Avatar de marambolage
  • Avatar de skittles2skelly
    baaaaaaabe, here's your soooooong <3 <3 <3 this part
  • Avatar de erumbley
    I'm in love with him!!
  • Avatar de nijvf
    dunno why, but this song makes me happy^^
  • Avatar de shembarnoah
    excellent.....very mellow...reminds of S/F it....
  • Avatar de RODRUIL
    they keep me alive
  • Avatar de RODRUIL
    I really hope you turn out to be happy.
  • Avatar de RODRUIL
    to many photos of you
  • Avatar de dieleerenmadche
    I fell in love with this song the moment he mentioned my favorite poet/author Sylvia Plath. <3 wonderful song.
  • Avatar de tanele
    alrighty, you can sing that to me while you're making love to me ... sigh
  • Avatar de that_september
    I could totally fall asleep listening to this. He's got such a great voice, and I love this song.
  • Avatar de zomerperzik
    My favorite song by him! Love love love
  • Avatar de jadizzen
    mellow =)
  • Avatar de tatikatiss
    I really like Joshuas music, but I'd like some faster songs, all I've heard from him are slow songs, and it can get depressive... (altough I love his slow songs )
  • Avatar de msstretch
    mellow, yet meaningful.
  • Avatar de HunskiT
    this sounds pretty
  • Avatar de matzehue
    very wispery
  • Avatar de pelustka
    puff-f-ff-f, cudownie :)
  • Avatar de bkrazy2sweet
    Chill, so far I really enjoy Joshua Radin's music.
  • Avatar de andremiguelaa
  • Avatar de AB07
    he is one of those artist who sounds exactly as he does on the radio, when seeing him live! just perfect in sound and gorgeous in person!
  • Avatar de bstottler
    lovely :)
  • Avatar de Lemonade-
    It's no wonder that you do heaven-child.. It's extremely likeable!
  • Avatar de heaven-child
    ai yayyaya~~~ woww why do i like it so much???
  • Avatar de zentrax
    ...and his voice is just as amazingly soothing live! first concert I went to where the artist sounded like what I'd listened to - it was a real treat!!
  • Avatar de Jessamine86
    I'm loving his voice... makes me want to sleep... :)
  • Avatar de jessyisme
    Honestly, I've yet to hear a Joshua Radin song that isn't absolutely incredible. By Far, my favourite artist!
  • Avatar de Solaign
    i like his soft voice
  • Avatar de hellonancy
    I think this is the best song from Joshua.

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