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  • Avatar de levitate85
  • Avatar de kay84
    "The Notorious One Man Orgy" sucks balls
  • Avatar de secretmantis
    he was the nicest guy ever when he called me after Since 1972 came out. Asked me so many questions about my own life that I only really got to ask a few of him. Left an incredible impression on me. It also doesn't hurt that he was already my favorite drummer of all time.
  • Avatar de blaze1289
    Josh Freese is actually the only drummer in the world. [2]
  • Avatar de SashaPrestig
    Fucking rules Josh!!! [2]
  • Avatar de caffeinemurder
    what a silver fox
  • Avatar de basstendences
    Fucking rules Josh!!!
  • Avatar de thevelvetending
    haha yeah you would think so... phenominal drummer though
  • Avatar de KoldKalamity
    Josh Freese is actually the only drummer in the world.
  • Avatar de EatThiis
    what a stand up guy
  • Avatar de maryann2version
    -robot voice- Josh Freese.
  • Avatar de Nate_ForTheDeaf
    Josh Freese makes pop look badass.
  • Avatar de caffeineandvase
    sure he sings.
  • Avatar de b3ts13
    is Josh Freese singing on I don't think that's ok?
  • Avatar de mojelastfm
    What the fuck is the album? Its boyband like US neopunk shits? Rubbish!
  • Avatar de thefamilycat
    awesome album!
  • Avatar de b3ts13
    who is singing on I Don't Think That's OK? is it Josh??
  • Avatar de Daniel_Green
    O Melhor.
  • Avatar de rockin2tool
    the $20,000 package is sold out
  • Avatar de electrifried
    omg josh's new albums is frickin SWEET!!!
  • Avatar de mf1171
    I really hope some rich bastard shells out 60k to take shrooms and ride in Danny's Lambo
  • Avatar de ryckon
    Since 1972 is fuckin' killer. Keep it comin' Josh! Viva La Vandals!!
  • Avatar de b00rs
    in my opinion one of the best drummers today my favourite at least =)
  • Avatar de syntheticchrist
    Josh Freese is officially legendary.
  • Avatar de d3hm
    Fans... check this out! Hilarious!!!
  • Avatar de veganfishcake
    The only place he belongs is in The Vandals. Let's kick him out of all other bands.
  • Avatar de secretmantis
    New album coming soon, whooo!
  • Avatar de sophiuxe
    Josh Freese, the best drummer EVER!!!.... i'm sad that he'll be out of NIN on December, but i'm glad to see him in his last show (tour Lights in the Sky) my country (:
  • Avatar de foofreak
    crazy mofo <3
  • Avatar de NifLovesMusic
    I love me some Joshy :)
  • Avatar de DarkTemplar007
    I swear he's a robot.
  • Avatar de Endustrial
    It has finally happened; there is a group dedicated to Josh! Join now
  • Avatar de simonjk
    hahaha worst similar artists ever.
  • Avatar de ffachopper
    This guy is one of the best drummers I've ever heard.
  • Avatar de adore_me
  • Avatar de apcxpc

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