• Unicode List Part 2 (G-M)

    11 mai 2008, 21h04m par Champ213

    Purpose of this list:

    This journal entries serves as a link collection of japanese artists that share a name with a western artist. More info here.

    Since the old list became too large and impossible to edit, I split it into 4 parts, to allow more growth.

    Part 1 (A-F)
    Part 2 (G-M)
    Part 2 (N-S)
    Part 4 (T-Z)

    How to: to create a new unicode-profile you need to scrobble at least one track. If you don't know how to type unicode romaji you can copy and paste from here:


    Note that the unicode characters are case-sensitive! So make sure you use the correct capitalization.

    If you know of any japanese band that needs a unicode profile, leave a comment. I will add it here to connect the 2 profiles.

    --- G ---
    Gaia --> gaia
    Gallows --> GallowS
    Garden --> GARDEN
    Garden --> garden
    Garret --> Garret
    Garm --> Garm
  • Can't stop tagging and listening and making discoveries!

    13 juin 2007, 1h22m par raw_u

    Fazer Music is THE history of finnish popular music*. Fazer label meant tango, jazz, iskelmä (schlager), pop, rock for decennies. Almost all major finnish artists have recorded for Fazer at some point of their career or at least are present in their compilations. Fazer bought smaller labels and hired the best songwriters like Toivo Kärki, Repe Helismaa or Unto Mononen 20 Suosikkia /Säveltäjä Unto Mononen.

    When WEA bought Fazer, major worry was about our cultural heritage in hands of a big international record company: why would they bother keeping old obscure finnish dance music available, when it's way more bankable to just sell the same Madonnas and Britneys all over the world?

    Well, this deal with seems like they are giving us something back. There is a streamable goldmine here. I am finding my own cultural background here in a way I couldn't imagine. I'm being surprised and presented to artists from my country I never knew about. …
  • Toivomuslishta

    6 juin 2006, 21h27m par raw_u

    Hei toverit Suomessa. Muistakaa maanpakolaista ja juusendikää mulle seuravia...kirjastosta luulis löytyvän, limewirestä ei MTN! Laitan tänne vaikka jotain +rukseja niistä mitä jo on. Musiikillisia vastapalveluksia saa pyytää!

    -Rehtorin luiseva Salli (Long Tall Sally) - Johnny, 1963
    -Kotihipat (Jailhouse Rock) - Johnny, 1965

    -Et kai ymmärrä minua väärin (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood) - Lasse Mårtenson, 1965
    -Kukka hiuksissaan (San Francisco ) – Lasse Mårtenson, 1967
    -Miltä meno maistuu (Walk on the Wild Side) – Lasse Mårtenson, 1973

    -Tyytymätön ( Satisfaction) – Eero & Jussi & The Boys 1965
    -Viidakko-Jim (The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill) - Eero Raittinen, 1969
    -Mie ja Bobby McGee (Me and Bobby McGee) - Eero & Jussi, 1972
    -Tutti Frutti (on jäätelö hyvää kun yksin syö) - Jussi & The Boys, 1973

    -Rööperiin (Penny Lane) - Jormas, 1967
    -Kenties, kenties (Hello Goodbye) – Jormas, 1968

    -Punatukkainen (Ruby Tuesday) - Jukka Kuoppamäki, 1967