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Fils d'un percussionniste, pour CBS Radio et dans le Raymond Scott Quintet, il découvre très tôt la musique et dès quinze ans mène déjà son propre groupe de jazz et s'essaie à l'arrangement ; déterminé à faire carrière, il crée à 19 ans sa première œuvre, une sonate pour piano. Il rejoint l'UCLA et le Los Angeles City College ; il étudie l'orchestration avec Robert van Eps, de la MGM, et auprès de Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, et profite de trois ans à l'US… en lire plus

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  • John Williams is musical genius! <3
  • Happy birthday, Maestro [2]
  • Happy birthday, Maestro
  • <3
  • Há muito tempo, numa galáxia muito, muito distante....
  • I remember Steve Jobs, you're incridible.
  • UP >>
  • I can't decide if March of the Resistance or Rey's Theme was my 2nd best cue of 2015 (nothing beats Patrick Doyle's Pumpkin Pursuit from Cinderella). I think Rey's Theme is one of those romantic motifs that wouldn't go out of place from the Golden Age of Cinema.
  • So of course I downloaded the entire back catalog of "Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of John Williams" podcasts, and it is awesome. The breakdown of even the most minor themes, their varied uses, inspirations, intentions, this is helping me develop the better appreciation of these scores that I always felt I should have. And I say that as one whose first CD as a child was a collection of John Williams' music from Star Wars and Close Encounters, which I listened to endlessly.
  • @Societysbad1 That was fantastic! Amazing breakdown of Rey's Theme. "JJ let John Williams do his thing. [There was no] producer pressure to 'crank out the hits, man!' We got John Williams giving a thoughtful take on a very powerful story." I like how David calls the credits suite "dense." Indeed, there is... so much going on. ;) He says that "the music is in absolute lock-step with this story" more than any film since TPM "or arguably" ROTJ, which is my feeling as well - and I think that contributed to why I wasn't consciously thinking about the score while watching the film as much as with the prequels, because it matches so well that it blends in more than it stands out. Then they draw the contrast that whereas the prequels each had a "hit single" that the film was promoted with (they don't name the tracks, but I assume they mean Duel of the Fates, Across the Stars, Battle of the Heroes), that isn't how movies are promoted anymore,

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