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  • great
  • 1973-74. Song/album was on any turntable. Pick a party,any party. Details too hazy to remember!
  • Lived high then; he was a joy.
  • fckn awesome this one...he was great live in the 70s
  • Great!
  • Denis Leary said hell with Henley & Frey, JOE F'ing WALSH BABY!
  • Joe Wash for PRESIDENT !
  • Meadows <3<3<3
  • daze <333of misguided youth !
  • still going strong walshy,
  • Oh my....bringing me back...where is my time machine and a doobie.
  • "Yup, I did. Had me lookin' around for abit !!" Just Joe being Joe, I reckon'.
  • It really is the best introduction to a song ever. Could you imagine hearing that for the first time on the radio or when you brought the album home and played it for the first time? Classic :)
  • Groovy
  • You rock wildman Joe
  • Great stuff as always from Joe!
  • The smoker you drink the player you get.....%%%%%
  • oh ya
  • I so dig this tune
  • WHAT FALL ON 911
  • everytime I hear the start of this song it reminds me of Women from Tokyo by Deep Purple [2] Yeah, they sound eerily similar... released same year too, which makes it evener weirder
  • everytime I hear the start of this song it reminds me of Women from Tokyo by Deep Purple
  • I love this man !!!! What a great character he truly is.....still have not bought his C.D. I am sorry to say......! He writes and plays such really great music. Having an "Eagles " pedigree it is hardly surprising !!!
  • I would like to purchase Joe's album/C.D.soon. He is a truly very talented musician.
  • @garyveyp Eagles were best with Joe Walsh. You've got to be kidding me! This man's a genius
  • Joe who?
  • ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ΔΔ♫ is right
  • owww owww owwwwww !
  • thankx fierfox1 ol' Joe has his own way and sound
  • Over-produced pap from the guy who ruined the Eagles; Joe has no business being on the working side of a microphone
  • Old happy face!!You'd think with all that talent,he'd smile a bit!!!
  • somewhere between the eagles and the james gang...he was kickin''
  • how ya doin'
  • part of an old stone wall......
  • wow that intro was sweet
  • This song freaking ROCKS!
  • Whew! Killed a lotta brain cells listening to this one...just the WEAK ones.
  • This guy has nice chorus three voices rules!!
  • There is only one Joe Walsh, unfortunately...
  • Rock on Joe!!!!!
  • Hey... I just heard that "Woman from Tokyo" similarity...
  • Loved Joe Walsh ever since hearing Rocky Mountain Way back in the mid 70's... the man can do no wrong. Rock 'n' Roll!!!!
  • ''I have a mansion - forget the price; Ain't never been there they tell me it's nice; I live in hotels - tear out the walls, I have accountants pay for it all''.
  • Something drew me to this title
  • Whay a crazy/zany man....Love his sense of fun......Wild Child..... Pulls funny faces too!!!!
  • 'music is about the spaces between the notes' Joe knows this!!
  • The dance is never over.


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