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  • really hope the new EDMs (especially D!) get a digital release. waiting...
  • Why is this music so good?
  • even more new stuff upcoming, EDM stuff
  • Why did no one tell me there was new stuff? Damn.
  • Lovin the K man!
  • Finally!
  • Black Narcissus!
  • Some quality acid. Nice.
  • HEELS is the VEZT
  • RDJ pays people money to say his monikers aren't him.
  • Oh well damn, I was only kidding when I said it was sounding pretty AFXy, but yeah, it's gotta be. Nooo one else makes sounds like these work like this. Sorry bros.
  • this is talent. I love Heels.
  • it was me.
  • Blatantly AFX
  • If it was AFX (Which it isn't) the album would get a lot more credit than it's getting.
  • epic
  • iunno, these melodies are sounding pretty afxy to me.
  • NOT Richard, still amazing stuff though [2] seen him live yesterday in hamburg very awesome
  • I really like Plus Ten, awesome stuff
  • NOT Richard, still amazing stuff though
  • ohhh afx...
  • wow this is fucking AMAZING
  • Richie comes out of the banc vault with this? awesome.
  • Super Tanker Wins IDM Legacy
  • £33
  • Sell crack, buy weed.
  • AFX?!
  • seconded.
  • Plus Ten is well worth the £3 on the Rephlex site
  • ale dał :0
  • Acid Sister
  • oh crap, this guy has mad talents :-D
  • B > A

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