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  • Masterpiece !!!
  • "The difference between the sprout and the bean" is such a beautiful way of talking about abortion debates, usually such an ugly and combative topic.
  • Spoken too soon, the playbar is only using YouTube for some songs and still goes to Spotify most of the time... Anyways, this song is amazing! I first heard it when watching The Strangers. Discovering Joanna Newsom was the only thing that kept watching that train wreck of a film from being a complete waste of my time
  • Yay! First song I was able to play when the Playbar was able to play YouTube again and not just Spotify :) omg I could cry
  • <3
  • magical
  • wow
  • The polyrhythms in this song make me happy
  • How do I fall more in love?
  • :)
  • i dig this
  • 5h0uld w3 g0 0u75id3 5h0uld w3 br34k s0m3 br34d
  • Not one of her best, sorry (not).
  • I am big-boned and Tina Fey.
  • someone who's taken their username from an 80s hardcore punk rock band would be expected to find this "highly irritating".
  • @youth_in_asia: No YOU'RE highly irritating. Yeah... take that! And stuff!
  • the song is beautiful
  • I would like to hear Joanna's rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"
  • her voice is highly irritating
  • aww, i wish there were more such musicians like Joanna
  • o wow..
  • ♥♥♥
  • voice of an angel.
  • oh my litle baby
  • Should we go outside?
  • <3
  • @BigChoupique
  • Danger! Danger!
  • "when you go away, i am big boned and fey" so does this mean that she gets so depressed when her man leaves her, she starts eating tubs of ice cream and puts on some pounds? LOL. side note: you better have your thesaurus on you when you start fuggin with j. newsom.
  • Great as always
  • i get it. i like it.
  • baybies voices
  • gorgeous tune harp playing second to none
  • I really dig her...:)
  • Oh, no... not this voice... "Muppets meet Folk"
  • thank you
  • hermosa voz relajante!!
  • "When I heard this on The Strangers I said WTF!!", yeah right?
  • It's so odd to realize how much her voice has grown on you, if you've been listening to her for a while. Her voice has grown in it's own right since this album as well, of course, but I love all of it now.
  • When I heard this on The Strangers I said WTF!!
  • Dear Joanna your voice sounds as if it could be in a cartoon with bunnies in it, your harp playing is gorgeous, as i wallow in my creative pig sty.
  • Love it!!
  • Love x Infinity.
  • Beautiful lyrics, not sure about her voice though, but I think it'll grow on me.
  • Legitimate
  • yessss - what a voice
  • love.
  • love love love , but i love all her music!
  • Hübsches Stimmchen … hattse ja schonnmal nich. Der Song fetzt natürlich trotzdem.
  • Love this. Love Joanna Newsom. <3


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