• 2010: Top Artists & Tracks

    1 jan. 2011, 15h48m par Passioneer

    Once again, please ignore my nerdy compulsion to make unnecessarily complicated charts tracking my musical tastes.

    Top fifty artists with play counts and position changes from last year's list. Bolded artists were not within last year's fifty. Underlined are artists I didn't like or listen to much/at all until this year.

    1. Joanna Newsom (806 plays) UP 34
    2. Laura Marling (701 plays)
    3. Sufjan Stevens (678 plays)
    4. Nina Nastasia (609 plays)
    5. She & Him (581 plays) UP 28
    6. Owen Pallett (565 plays)
    7. Janelle Monáe (551 plays)
    8. Azure Ray (454 plays)
    9. The Narrative (426 plays) UP 37
    10. Shannon Wright (411 plays) UP 10
    11. Lydia (373 plays) UP 6
    12. Beach House (341 plays) DOWN 5
    13. Stars (332 plays) UP 14
    14. The Morning Of (307 plays)
    15. Los Campesinos! (293 plays) DOWN 5
    16. Stephen Trask (259 plays)
    17. iamamiwhoami (233 plays)
    18. The Antlers (231 plays)
  • TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2010

    23 déc. 2010, 20h31m par Confessions87

    2010 has been the best year for music for a long time. I remember 2007 and 2008 being particularly great, too, but I wasn't expecting this year to be so good. This list was incredibly hard to compile and has probably been thought about way too much over the past month. Even the albums that don't make the top ten have all been so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, so if your favourite seems quite low, it's only because the standard was so frickin' high all round. There's all the usual suspects featured here and a few others. My top three are almost too difficult to separate (they are all equally my top album of the year), yet this list demands a distinct order and a distinct order is what it will have.

    I'll begin with a few albums that didn't quite make the mark.

    Vampire Weekend / Contra
    The biggest disappointment of the year, along with the album directly below.

    M.I.A. / MAYA
    What happened?

    Best Coast / Crazy for You
    Probably the single most obvious example on this list of an album that is as catchy as it is annoying. …
  • Delikatessen 2010 (Songs)

    22 déc. 2010, 23h26m par Haskampagne

  • 2010 in music: a retrospective

    17 déc. 2010, 2h10m par likecrocodiles

    OK, 2010 isn't quite over yet. If anything particularly amazing happens in the next two weeks, I'll have to edit it in, I guess.

    First off, 2010 was a pretty disappointing year for post-rock. 2009 saw the release of great albums by Do Make Say Think and Years (the side project of DMST's Ohad Benchetrit), as well an excellent debut from And So I Watch You from Afar, a pretty good album by Maybeshewill, and a superb album by Mono. This year, Efterklang ditched their post-rock sound to make pop music, with largely disappointing results. Jónsi's solo album was also pretty far removed from a post-rock aesthetic, but at least it was an enjoyable album, with some of the most exuberant songs in recent memory (plus some vestiges of post-rock, most notably on Tornado. Kaki King's work is also less post-rockish than it has been, but her new album has a couple of nice tracks (especially Communist Friends). The new Red Sparowes album was also somewhat disappointing.

  • One song. Each day. Every day. (2010)

    15 oct. 2010, 5h29m par lassaucepan

    The titles says it. Every day i'm going to pick a song I think represents that day the best and I'll even give a little explanation why.

    Reasons I may pick a song:

    I listened to it a lot.
    I had it in my head.
    I was blown away by it.
    I discovered it.
    I rediscovered it.
    I heard it somewhere special.
    I listened to the lyrics in a new way.
    I learned something about it.
    I cried to it.
    I saw it performed.
    It's a really fucking good song.

    So let's get this party started:

    Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010: Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait - Going through a rough time adjusting to college 6 hours away from everyone I know and love. I'm changing fast...I just hope something pure can last.

    Friday, Oct. 15. 2010: Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life - CuDi was at Northwestern tonight. The show was pretty good, this song was by far the highlight for me. Reminded me of driving down Paragon in the summer at 3 in the morning. And he's from Ohio--major bonus points!

  • Various Setlists

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