• Lyrics Quiz Part One:12 Songs

    24 jui. 2007, 4h18m par HendrixFan42

    As usual no cheating on google!
    1.)"Tuesday night at the bible study
    We lift our hands and pray over your body
    But nothing ever happens"
    2.)"Catching signals that sound in the dark
    We will take off our clothes
    And they'll be placing fingers through the notches in your spine"
    3.)"The shadows where the promises hide
    The bittersweet taste of your kiss
    It’s all more than I can resist"
    4.)"Along the tracks of a train
    Broke the record, found the gold
    Set myself free again
    I have pulled myself clear"
    5.)"Stand up coming years
    and escalation fears
    Oh, yes we will find out
    Well, like a withered stone
    Fears will pierce your bones
    You'll find out"
    6.)"All alone at the '64 World's Fair
    Eighty dolls yelling "Small girl after all"
    Who was at the Dupont Pavilion?
    Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?"
    7.)"Wish I knew what you were looking for.
    Might have known what you would find."