• Twenty-first Century Boys

    26 mars 2008, 18h04m par JSG58

    This is mad as f**k! My son the ubernerd turned me on to an amazing "warez" site, Warez BB Org, but only today did I idly search for my former alumni...and whaddya know, some sneaky Slovak has made off with three of our albums! Next thing y'know he'll be getting European funding to rip off the rest!
    Warez BB Org
  • Rarities Added

    23 mars 2008, 22h49m par JSG58

    Four tracks have been added to the LODI REVISITED album that is acting as a running catch-all for rare and unreleased material.

    Now included are all 3 tracks from the 1999 Semi-Truth single featuring Richard England and Michael Bayliss who will be playing with me shortly live. The songs, OUT OF YOU, YOU CALL ME FROM TOO FAR AWAY and a cover of Alan Vega's MAGDALENA '82, were originally released on NDN Records.

    Also now available is LIFE AHEAD CORPORATION EP track Moral Story.
  • Jeremy Gluck Interviewed by Lou Molinaro for Jamilton

    5 mars 2008, 21h33m par JSG58

    Lou Molinaro Interview

    It's Hamilton, Ontario's feared meta-fan Lou Molinaro grilling Gluck!
  • VICTIM OF DREAMS: New Album Ahead

    23 fév. 2008, 8h48m par JSG58

    And now the end is near...of the wait for Victim of Dreams, collecting 20 years + of noise and nuance. Due out within weeks on Diesel Motor Records and featuring collaborations with Myspace musicians Circo Fantasma, Jack O'Leroy, and Andrew Corrigan and no less than four Nikki Sudden songs, two originals written with yours truly and two covers.


    1. Road of Broken Dreams (N Sudden)03:24
    2. No Sound (J Gluck - N Sudden) 03:19
    3. Threw This Away (J Gluck - N Sudden) 04:10
    4. My Angel (J Gluck - C Cereda)04:03
    5. Dream Baby Dream (A Vega - M Rev)06:34
    6. Other Lives (J Gluck - A Cadmore - C Brandrick) 04:17
    7. Victim of Dreams (J Gluck - J Williams – A Griffiths) 03:51
    8. I Am Time(J Gluck - M Bayliss - R England) 05:48
    9. Breaks Me(J Gluck - M Bayliss - R England) 05:32
    10. Cold Outside(J Gluck - M Bayliss - R England) 04:30
  • What I do.

    2 fév. 2008, 10h19m par JSG58

    It’s All a way ;)

    Greetings dedicated few. I've been tinkering with my new Lastfm page and there's some rare live junk there now plus samplers of some Barracudas albums; I'll add more, as I have four live Barracudas albums here nobody has much heard. At the same time, I can say reliably at last that the year-overdue Perpetrator Records single will actually be released this year (probably in December but WTF!) Add to that the imminent album Victim of Dreams, now to enjoy a 12-page booklet, and limited edition CD in the woiks, and all is coming up rose-like. There is even gonna be another Barracudas single from NDN, but don't wet or soil yourselves, it's an olde track from the last album sesh...still, could be worse! That's about halfa what I have planned, the rest largely comprised of iTunes albums, books and suchlike. People like me, who download lots, are killing the small music artists me. So I am effectively killing myself, but to be honest…
  • I Am Buffalo Bill

    27 jan. 2008, 8h03m par JSG58

    This is the journal of Jeremy Gluck, creator with Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks, Rowland S Howard and Jeffrey Lee Pierce of I KNEW BUFFALO BILL, classic.