• Вне авансцены, часть VII: волшебница аранжировок

    7 jui. 2011, 19h15m par Ares-IG

    Очередную заметку я позволю себе посвятить своей давней любви, в свое время очаровавшей меня потрясающей разностороннестью творчества. Мало кто может одной рукой компоновать биты и нойз-сэмплы, второй рукой писать современное переложение Клода Дебюсси, а между делом обдумывать, как бы лучше использовать в новом альбоме муэддинские воззвания к молитве. Я, конечно, несколько утрирую – одновременно этого не смог бы и Юлий Цезарь – но это не умаляет заслуг нашей сегодняшней героини.

    Anne Dudley – пианистка, композитор и дирижер. Центральная фигура Art of Noise и плодовитый сольный исполнитель. Оскароносный автор саундтреков. Ее приглашали для аранжировок своих песен Пол МакКартни, Фил Коллинз, Род Стюарт, Элтон Джон, Джефф Бек и многие другие.

    А еще она умеет удивлять и как мало кто другой открывать новое в уже, казалось бы, изведанном. Однако обо всем по порядку.

    Оговорюсь, что об Art of Noise, по большому счету, надо писать отдельную заметку…
  • Killing Joke - "Good Samaritan" from the CD Revelations

    6 déc. 2010, 0h39m par rastronomicals

    The post at Blogspot

    Ah, Jaz Coleman! Ah, humanity!

    What vital place in the soul does the mystic hold?

    With the mighty Killing Joke having in the last fortnight released their 14th album, Absolute Dissent, and it being as apocalyptic, perhaps, as any KJ album since Revelations, I thought it might be a good time to take a look back at the centererpiece (to my ears at least--YRMV) of that third album, the masterpiece of bitter irony and hermetic paranoia that is "Good Samaritan."

    It's no (heh-heh) Great Secret that KJ leader Jaz Coleman has been and remains 's preeminent mystic. He claims to have organized his life and his band around Rosicrucian principles,

    to have in fact created Killing Joke, to have recruited guitarist Geordie and bassist Youth into the band as founding members…
  • Tuesday Twenty: My top 100 tracks 2000-09 Pt.03: 60 to 41

    29 sept. 2009, 17h06m par amodelofcontrol

    Continuing from last week, it's time to move onto the third stage of my rundown of the last decade. Also, as this autumn marks twenty years of my being "into" alternative music, after this decade's rundown there will be a similar one to follow for the 90s (for which the "draft" list we pulled together over the weekend consists of nearly 300 tracks!)...

    My top 100 tracks 2000-09 Pt.02: 100 to 81
    My top 100 tracks 2000-09 Pt.02: 80 to 61

    The Dillinger Escape Plan
    Come to Daddy
    Irony Is a Dead Scene

    The only cover of Aphex Twin that I can think of, and who else but a band with the sheer level of technical ability that Dillinger have - with Mike Patton offering a truly demented and terrifying lead vocal - could even give this a go? Doesn't add a lot to the original, not that it really needed to, but for the sheer gleeful malevolence of it, it is well worth a listen. Thankfully, though, it doesn't have a video like the original...

  • Tuesday Ten: Do You Remember The First Time?

    17 mars 2009, 19h20m par amodelofcontrol

    As I said last week, I suddenly have a short flush of inspiration for these Tuesday Tens at the moment. This one has taken me weeks to collate, gave me lots of ideas, and perhaps even more music to re-evaluate. This week it's about debut albums, and in particular ones I really like or left a lasting impression.

    There are many debut albums I really don't like, though - and this even applies to bands I otherwise adore. I can't stand the first albums from (to pick a few examples in my collection) The Afghan Whigs, In Strict Confidence, Spahn Ranch, Type O Negative, to name four. Maybe it's just because I got into all four bands a little further down the line. Maybe they simply weren't that great to start with. Other debuts captivated me for numerous reasons, either when they were released, or when I got to listen to them at a later point, and these are the ten that made this list. And when creating the shortlist for it, I came to the scary realisation that I had created a subject that was far too broad. …
  • Visionary Genius=Jaz Coleman

    19 jui. 2007, 21h20m par Achtungmiche

    Inspired by dreams, premonitions & synchronicities. This is the classically trained musician who formed Killing Joke in 1978, London.
    Killing Joke has been an inspiration to most rock, industrial bands.
    Jaz is also Eco-conscious about the world and a traveler.
    He works closely with the New Zealand Orchestra & has released several original classical compositions.