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  • Can't believe how good the Jimmy Carter album is. Just discovered this guy a few days ago and am a very happy chappie.
  • it's been five years you're breaking my heart Munly you know
  • Munly, thanks for touring with SCAC and making the stop in Omaha. I was quite floored getting to meet you, Slim and the rest. The show was excellent! Come back soon!!!
  • вот это да
  • @Nimbie I do. Gonna drop you a note.
  • @Nimbie the one time ive seen it like, anywhere on the internet it was from some guy who borrowed it from slim cessna himself haha.
  • does anyone here have Ten Songs With No Music?
  • Munly can do no wrong..
  • can't believe this dude is canadian !
  • jesus fckin' christ. just heard Munly's music for the first time and i'm totally overwhelmed... pure beauty, love at first sound.
  • It's one of the best things which I ever herd!!! Mine God... that musik is my drug!
  • Freaking boring.
  • I'm utterly in love with Munly De Dar He; of course, it's not as blindingly brilliant as Jimmy Carter Syndrome [2]
  • ⇩ Wish I could... :(
  • You MUST see him live with the Lupercalians. Just great.
  • so incredible.
  • Boys with tattoos can never be Jews.
  • Agreed, Cooney vs. Munly is one of my absolute favourites. I love it all though. Goose walking over my grave is simply incredible. I could go on and on.
  • Something!
  • I agree. His pre JCS work might not be on quite the same level but each album still has a unique feel and that munly feel and several of them just a little bit more time to appreciate imo. Blurry has a lot of charm to me now haha
  • posting something, as requested by the young russian girl
  • I am enjoying everything I have heard so far. Brilliant songwriting, haunting voice and great, hollow cheekbones.
  • c'mon, anyone! post something here, I feel like I'm talking to myself
  • By the way, his pre-JCS work is bloody underrated. I'm utterly in love with Munly De Dar He; of course, it's not as blindingly brilliant as Jimmy Carter Syndrome and Munly & Lee Lewis Harlots, but still awesome.
  • "I'd like to ask you a couple of quick questions and you can give me one-word answers, just to know a little bit more about you." - "No." hahaha
  • the contrast between these two is incredibly funny %)
  • So close to heart
  • Супер
  • I'd be so thrilled to see Munly preform live.
  • I have an irresistible urge to fill this shoutbox with stupid hysterical fangirl shouts :(
  • Cooney vs. Munley is DIVINE
  • his music makes me feel so happy in some drunken/depressive way
  • so fucking amazing, seriously in avve of this man.
  • Крутой мужик!
  • Прекрасное открытие *О*
  • Oh, Munly...
  • This is twisted in the best way possible.
  • Jimmy Carter Syndrome, what else to say
  • I'm intrigued.
  • Goddamn. Why is auto-correcting "Saucy Wench" to "Suacy Wench"? That's just wrong.
  • This man is a genius, just came to say that again.
  • And yes, "Jimmy Carter Syndrome" is awesome.
  • Русские, назад!
  • Wow, this man makes very intriguing music. Very pleased to find out more of his stuff.
  • Русские вперед! Русские вперед!
  • Русские, опять от вас деваться некуда.
  • Cooney vs. Munly выносит ногами вперёд


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