• KaKá Radio Year-End Charts of 2008–2012 (Revised Edition)

    3 déc. 2012, 8h34m par RadioKaKa

    Firstly, the size of the weekly Top Tracks chart is limited to 40 (it's 20 for Top Albums and Top Artists charts), rankings below No. 40 for Top Tracks chart (No. 20 for Top Albums and Top Artists charts) don't contribute to the Year-End recaps any more. Secondly, the weekly charts no longer depend only on each track, album and artist’s plays of this week, those plays they receive in the past several weeks also has its impact on the rankings, and the older the scrobbling happens, the smaller its influence is.
    Chart – Weighted values for this week, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks ago, respectively
    Top Tracks:  1.001 0.570 0.320 0.150 0.000 0.000 (Until 30 May 2010 issue)
    Top Tracks:  1.001 0.570 0.360 0.250 0.190 0.150 (Since 6 Jun 2010 issue)
    Top Albums: 1.001 0.330 0.150 0.080 0.000 0.000
    Top Artists:   1.001 0.330 0.150 0.080 0.000 0.000

    With the changes mentioned above, the Year-End charts are now divided into two parts of points. …
  • Top 5 albums of 2006

    12 mai 2010, 6h00m par timmyc1983

    Right, 2006 already... Another big one, they all have been since 2000 really...

    #5 Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe

    This is one i discovered upon arriving home after travelling again. I went to the ARIA Awards which the Australian music awards with my brother and saw these guys perform Black Fingernails, Red Wine, and immediately went and bought the album, and i was not dissapointed. Other highlights include, New York, Comfort you, Sarah and This Is Pressure.

    Pretty tight between the next 4, they are all awesome albums which have huge places in my ears.

    #4 Eyes Open - Snow Patrol

    I first heard these guys on BBC Radio 2 in the UK where is was working with the song You're All I Have and liked what i heard. Then it was Chasing Cars, which still to this day is right up there as one of my most played tracks. Other highlights are Set the Fire to the Third Bar and You Could Be Happy and the rest of the album.
  • Shufflegame~

    17 oct. 2009, 20h14m par Mudvaynized

    Part 1

    1) How does the world see me?
    Song: Nothing to Gein
    Interpretation: Not like Ed Gein, I hope D:

    2) Will I live a happy life?
    Song: We're in This Together
    Interpretation: Reassuring, I guess~

    3) How do my friends really feel about me?
    Song: Clamour for Glamour
    Interpretation: :(

    4) Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Bled White
    Interpretation: I'll guess not?

    5) How can I make myself happy?
    Song: Mechanical Love
    Interpretation: Not really, huh? XD

    6) What should I do with my life?
    Song: King Kill 33
    Interpretation: That does *not* sound promising

    7) Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Song: Men Are All The Same
    Interpretation: Makes sense!

    8) How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Song: Calliopeia
    Interpretation: I have no idea what it means but I'll sure as hell check it out!

    9) Will I ever have children?
    Song: Have You Ever?
    Interpretation: Nope!

    10) Will I die happy?
    Song: Stan
    Interpretation: uhm...

    11) What is some good advice for me?
  • 31 песня-2008

    5 jan. 2009, 20h02m par konsugar

    На этот раз очень много про любовь *достает носовой платок*
    И гипнопесен тоже много. Послушай песни!
    Помимо стандартного набора распавшихся групп здесь встречается даже одна воскресшая, а также несколько отдельных мужиков с гитарами и фортепианами.

    Babylon Zoo
    Love Lies Bleeding
    Это последнее, что создал проект Babylon Zoo, причем трек появился на их странице, как это обычно и бывает: вот щас мы приступили к записи офигительного альбома, а пока послушайте, что у нас уже придумалось хорошего. Но дальше никакого альбома не было.

    Bear Colony
    We Came Here To Die
    Как я и ожидал, несмотря на гипнотичность, sinking ships довольно неудачно попала между годами (иначе порвала бы вообще всё на свете), и тонущие корабли сдались перед напором акул. Эти песни (как и еще две хорошие с дебютника) достойны друг друга, и тщательное приложение внимания будет показывать разницу. Sharks воздушнее, нет гипноза, играют больше на контрастах. Большой респект будет тому, кто найдет тексты.
  • James Blunt

    29 mai 2007, 16h41m par huhn-ausm-stall

    Auch wenn es ihn schon etwas länger in der Musikwelt gibt, mir ist er erst kürzlich wirklich aufgefallen. Eines Abends (Samstag um genau zu sein) in einem schmucken Gartenhäuschen in Manderbach hörte ich ein mir noch nicht bekanntes Lied von ihm - Goodbye My Lover. Mein nächster Gedanke war, dass ich mich definitiv mal näher mit James Blunt beschäftigen sollte, der mir vorher kaum bzw. nicht besonders positiv aufgefallen war.

    Tracks wie You're Beautiful oder High hatte man ja zuvor schon oft genug im Radio gehört (sofern man denn viel Radio hört, was ich definitiv nicht tue). Ich tat diese meist als "naja, ist ja ganz ok" oder "geht schon" ab. Dieser Meinung bin ich jetzt zwar nicht mehr, aber dennoch sehe ich es so, dass gerade die "unbekannten" Tracks (bzw. die nicht im Radio, TV etc. gespielten) diesen Künstler ausmachen. Tracks wie Billy, Tears and Rain, Cry oder eben Goodbye My Lover machen seine Musik aus und ich finde sie richtig geil!
    Zeigt ja auch der Play-Count der letzten Woche. ;)
  • Guess the Song!

    12 mai 2007, 16h26m par rebekkas

    okay, i stole this from Gemzfnuf 7!

    Step 1: Open up whatever you use to listen to music and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Bold the songs that someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1)How many roads must a man walk down
    Blowin' in the Wind

    2)They're gathered in circles

    3)Bill and I got married following our first-born

    4)Wake me up when it's over

    5)You're a dirty, dirty man
    Dirty Man

    6)Who'll save the poor little girl?

    7)Hello Mr. Zebra
    Mr. Zebra

    8)There were times where i couldn't even look her in the eyes

    9)If you ever get close to a human
    Human Behavior

    10)Hey little girl is your daddy home

    I'm on Fire

    11)My mamma wants to know

    12)I feel the night is on your side
    One More Mile
  • Name That Tune 5

    9 nov. 2006, 6h45m par SunsetSailing

    I have lots of unguessed songs in my other journals too so check them out.

    Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.
    Step 2: Put it on random.
    Step 3: Post your favorite couple lines from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Post and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
    Step 5: Cross out the songs that someone guesses correctly.
    Step 6: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Who has to know
    When we live such fragile lives
    It's the best way we survive
    Dirty Little Secret

    2. Don't let this slide on by
    You can't prove them wrong unless you try
    I don't want to waste my life

    3. It's funny how you sound as if you're right next door
    When you're really half a world away
    I just can't seem to find the words I'm looking for
    To say the things that I want to say

    4. Back at the hotel
    Lord we got such a mess
    It seems that one of the crew
    Had a go with one of the guests
  • Tenacious D y... ¿¿¿¡¡¡James Blunt!!!???

    19 déc. 2005, 22h29m par sansara

    Bueno, pues aquí van las recomendaciones del mes.

    Empezamos por .Tenacious D. Una enormísima banda de ¿country?¿Rock?... whatever, cuyo lead vocalist es nada más y nada menos que Jack Black (todo el mundo sabe aquí quién es, imagino). Bueno, pues su disco es un auténtica pasada. Llevaba milenios sin reírme TANTO con un disco.

    Aquí dejo un extracto de una canción:


    All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road.
    And he said: "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul." (soul)
    Well me and Kyle, we looked at each other, and we each said... "Okay."
    And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
    Just so happened to be,
    The Best Song in the World, it was The Best Song in the World.


    And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
    the song we sang on that fateful night it didn't actually sound
    anything like this song.

    This is just a tribute! You gotta believe me!
    And I wish you were there! Just a matter of opinion.
  • Blown By Blunt

    4 sept. 2005, 13h37m par didymos

    Wow. That's all there is to it: wow. I recently purchased James Blunt's album, Back to Bedlam. And oh my god, is that a sweet album. With the stunning "You're Beautiful" track as a nice appetizer, it contains wonderful songs like "So Long Jimmy", "Goodbye My Lover", and "Cry". Not to mention "Wisemen", of course.

    James Blunt is a bit more pop, than what I mostly cope with. But the combination of his incredible voice, and the neat lyrics just do it for me. My warmest recommendations!