• Let's Rock it Again

    18 jui. 2014, 13h03m par RadioJammor

    Sat 12 Jul – Let's Rock Southampton

    The last of this year's Let's Rock concerts was held for the first time in Southampton, on Southampton Common, as part of the city's 50th anniversary of being awarded city status. After this event, it may well return.

    Southampton Common, unlike Ashton Court, which was Let's Rock Bristol's venue last month, is centrally located within Southampton, and therefore both relatively easy to get to and away from. There are public transport routes and park and ride options were put to good use, but there were plenty of locals who could just walk.

    The day was hot and sunny and there was no mud; factors that probably made a difference to the level of crowd enjoyment being so high.

    Having attended Bristol, I did note that the same crews and security were at work. The event was again hosted by Dave Benson Phillips, with the occasional co-hosting presence of Pat Sharp.

    The same backing band members (aka The House Band) were also in evidence. …
  • Bigger, better, older, wider

    11 juin 2014, 4h18m par RadioJammor

    Fri 6 Jun – Let's Rock Bristol

    They may be older, some may be wider, some may have less hair than they used to, but pretty much all of them were at least as good, if not better, than they were in the 1980s - which makes them a sight better than most of the chart toppers of today.

    The venue for Let's Rock Bristol was the picturesque Ashton Court on the western outskirts of Bristol.

    Conditions were wet under-foot to start with as it rained for much of Saturday morning, but cleared away for a warm afternoon. Sunday was hot to start with, but soon short-lived but still heavy downpours in the afternoon made sure that it was pretty muddy in places.

    Also about the venue: whilst it was easy to get to during the day, if you were travelling from afar and were staying in Bristol without a car, it was very difficult to get back into Bristol, with insufficient public or private transport to do so. It seems that this was not the only big gig in town, and that played a part, but if events like this happen there again…