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  • Jagged Edge from UK .. formed 10 years before than this crappy R&B .. long live rock 'n' roll ! [2] I am a listener of Jagged Edge UK. I keep far away from R&B... ;-) [2] 666power
  • These R&B vs. metal battles are really tiring. Can't people just be open-minded at the end of the day?
  • really enjoying the new J.E. Heartbreak II cd! Definitely a worthy sequel to the first HeartBreak. these dudes know ballads & midtempo cuts are their bread and butter & I'm pleased they've returned to an album full of them on this new cd.
  • Seems like Marcus Canty just came from Jagged Edge..the lyrics man.
  • I am a listener of Jagged Edge UK. I keep far away from R&B... ;-)
  • R'n'B at it's best! No rock'n'roll bullshit. Enough said.
  • Jagged Edge from UK .. formed 10 years before than this crappy R&B .. long live rock 'n' roll !
  • Goodbye ♥
  • Forgot how much I enjoyed their music. 90s R&B at its best.
  • CT in the house big up to bridgeport,CT....they are originaly from Hartford, up CASSIDY.........CTEEEEEEEEEEE
  • LOVE Jagged Edge :)
  • How's the new album?
  • Hmmm, guess I never realized that the two lead were twins..whoops after all these years lol
  • somebody get me a time machine!..they dont make music like they used to
  • i love their new disc it's classic JE, at this point they have their own sound When the bed shakes is the song!!
  • Best R&B male group ♥
  • good music
  • new albums pretty nice, 'Love On You' is my highlight. 'Lay You Down', 'Flow Through My Veins' and 'Mr Wrong' are also real good :) 3/5 on first listen
  • not too fond of the new cd...yet
  • Upped some new pics, vote em up! ->
  • Jagged Edge's new video aired on 106 and Park. Vote "Baby" to #1 by texting JAG to 79922. Bring dat real R&B back!!! JE doin it sumthn major yall! I voted for Baby to make the 106 & Park countdown. Vote now!­-park-voting.html New CD, "The Remedy" coming June 21, 2011!!!
  • you guys are hot .. you are dopi dop kinger slorous
  • They have so many hot songs...
  • when's the new album coming??? i love these guys!
  • this group iz 1 of de best groups around and i luv dere music...especially dere slow jam'sz :) obviously
  • Every album before Baby Makin' Project, was the time when r&b was in it's prime. I listen to them to get that feel, because now a days, it's hard to come across any good r&b music...everyone wants to be a popstar.
  • best R&B gruop ever
  • Best R&B ever
  • when Where The Part AT comes on at a club, i fukn lose it :D
  • Goodbye ; Promise, more? most def (:
  • The new album "The Remedy" coming soon - July 27, 2010:-)
  • "let's get married." another one of those songs on the radio i could never get out of my head.
  • u got freedom ...
  • Tip Of My Tongue <3
  • Love me some Jagged Edge.
  • @lady27cmd Hey how are you? I saw your reply on how to listen to music, which I presume you mean Jagged Edge being a fan? Click on the Top Albums heading over the Albuum Icons displayed for the Group, or click on the Album Icons shown. Then it will bring up a list of Albums by the Artist, or Group, Click on the Album Icon, & it should display a list of tracks by the Artist, or Group. Click on the tracks that say 'Full Track', & you can listen to it all. Not all of the tracks willl have the entire song, so you need to find those that do. Happy posting!
  • Tip Of My Tongue <3
  • I'm a new commer can someone please tell me how can I listen to the music
  • @ChiCapDiva I have been hanging onto this possibility too. There are hardly any more R&B Groups in the Industry now, & I hope Jagged Edge (with Baby Makin' Project being above average IMO) does not follow the popular route a lot of R&B Artists are doing now by releasing too much R&B/Pop, which has been going along that path since 2005/2006.
  • Hope this new album sees them return to their roots. Kinda miss that.
  • I luv many of them songs. Best R'n'B group eva!
  • the restt od ourr livesss makess me cry...loool
  • dont ever change....real street love music.....keep it HOOD
  • CAN'T GET RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it... [2]
  • CAN'T GET RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it...
  • EVER IN LIFE!!!! So sad they never made it super big
  • tip of my tongue is too too much
  • ♥ tip of my tongue!


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