• Rocker's Girl

    23 déc. 2006, 0h27m par jnentrup

    Very frequently, I find myself daydreaming about dating a music artist. I must confess, I've had this fantasy all year. Not just dating an artist, but also promoting him. Music management fascinates me, mainly because it requires a perspective different from the starry-eyed "omigosh the lead singer is so hot and I want to do him" fan. Tour managers have to take a real person, decide what differentiates them from other artists, and promote the hell out if it. It just seems thrilling to take someone in that light and turn them into a business strategy.

    A lot of this fascination stems from listening to indie music in college. I totally dig it. I dig it because it's raw, unlike pop-mainstream music. These artists promote themselves the only ways they know how and what we get as listeners is the artists' perspectives of themselves. I imagine some starving artists don't even realize the transition of when they turn their dreams into a marketing strategy, as they decide what messages they want to put out about themselves.