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    7 jui. 2007, 20h58m par zackgress

    Okay, to clarify what I'm talking about, I'm speaking purely in terms of:
    major key modality
    harmonically pleasing intervals
    notes that resolve well into the root of the key
    compositions only! No improv! (with the exception of Big Country and A Remark You Made- all the soloing there remains pretty atmospheric)

    Quickly, I created a list and by the time I had scrolled down to the bottom of my iTunes, I had compiled a list of 71 songs. Wayyy to big for A) the purposes of making a tight, to the point list to inspire thought and B) NOT spending an entire day writing this journal entry.

    Over the last week I've been working on the trimming.
    I mean, I can't very well have 9 Radiohead songs on there. Time to pick the best of the best of the best. MOST importantly not finding the subjective adjective 'best' but finding what really fit the criteria of beautiful, open melody that I was looking for. It looks like mostly I found that in compositions involving the acoustic guitar.