• Song Of The Day - 25 May 2007: Cold Sweat

    25 mai 2007, 20h56m par sablespecter

    Fantastic Friday*

    Thin Lizzy / "Cold Sweat" / Thunder and Lightning (5) / Mar 1983

    Artist: Thin Lizzy
    Original Album: Thunder and Lightning
    Track: Cold Sweat

    *Every so often, I'll choose a cut from an album of which I enjoy every single track (or damn close). Sort of an opposite of the Personal One-Hit Wonder (Sadly, there are more Personal One-Hit Wonders - which are highlighted on the first of every month - than Fantastic Fridays...)

    Today's album is my favorite from a group that I came 'round to very late, and I personally hold commercial "Classic Rock" broadcast radio stations responsible for that. OK - and my own lazy ignorance. Way back in the day when I was first discovering artists similar to Thin Lizzy, I never bothered to check Thin Lizzy out. I was never a fan of either The Boys Are Back in Town or Jailbreak which were the ONLY songs I ever heard by them on the radio. Radio and friend recommenadtions were the only means I had of discovering new music. …