• Intrasonic Bio

    15 jan. 2006, 15h50m par Intrasonic

    Intrasonic was formed in December 2003 by singer, songwriter Toby Craig. Toby has immersed himself in electronic music composition for many years, including the completion of a Bachelor of Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

    Intrasonic takes its inspiration from industrial and EBM mastery, such as Covenant, Icon of Coil and Apoptygma Bezerk. With tracks ranging in style from the latest hard hitting EBM dance songs to soulful ballads, Intrasonic covers an extensive dynamic and stylistic range.

    The band's first single No Surprises, has received outstanding feedback and is featured regularly in local Western Australian gothic nightclubs and radio stations.

    “Intrasonics vibe and sound are undeniable. His remix textures and grooves are inspiring and take the original direction of our songs to a totally cool and different level”.

    - Bruce Somers (Kidney Thieves / ShockNina)

    "Sounds like a promising start! The music seems well put together and there are some nice hooks present".