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  • Inquisition are such a great musical impersonation of the Lovecraftian world. At least this is how I feel it, especially for stories such as "Mountains of Madness".
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [7]
  • (web-knows) many people don't like the new lastfm version, I personally don't but I know everything is going to; and has to change with time. New one looks spiffy but lacks some of the options the earlier had. Good for fans, bad for bands that want to access/monitor their details.
  • what the heck was that suppose to mean?
  • we are the only one who still use lastfm =/
  • I'm so into this band at the moment. So much hate and beauty at the same time.
  • the vocals are hilarious; makes me like their music more actually
  • Oh, what the heck. . [5]
  • Don't give your support to that Mexican spamming machine.
  • . [4]
  • . [3]
  • . [2]
  • .
  • The covers are killers!
  • So stoked to see them live next month
  • his artwork is fine. the original covers will be there for your entire lives.
  • spot on recommendation by Spotify
  • Saw them live yesterday, I think I have attained moksha and can now die peacefully. Those vocals sound even more sinister live..[2]
  • Saw them live yesterday, I think I have attained moksha and can now die peacefully. Those vocals sound even more sinister live..
  • Girardi is amazing, but his artworks are too same-y, IMO. Red, yellow, orange, brown, flames, etc, etc.
  • Bandcamp [url=]Nefarious Dismal Orations[/url]: Absolutely spellbinding.
  • release new cd <3
  • Fuck off with the Girardi reissues. Only Kramer is real.
  • Besides, bearing in mind the time-gaps between Inquisitions' albums, I conclude that an "yet-unknown-though-upcoming" record will be under (surprise!) Girardi's brushes.
  • First album still the best for me. Love every single one though.
  • Original cover is much better. Girardi is obviously more talented artist, but I got really bored of his palette. And Kramer's art fits the mood of the album perfectly. Less is more.
  • These space invaders finally revealed the cover for [url=]ODOTPMM[/url]. Personally, I'm happy with the Kramer's.
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [6]
  • I'd rather listen to Inquisition, thank you.
  • Galactic conjurers
  • The best black metal band going right now...
  • crush the jewish prophet is the best INQUISITION song!!!
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [5]
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [4]
  • space blasphemers
  • Astro-Satanists
  • vote this pic!!
  • Still though, 7 cosmic sea references has to at least put them in the running.
  • v only 7 "cosmic seas", but there are other 20 cosmic combinations: 4 cosmic eyes, 4 cosmic realms, and 12 various mixtures with chaos, storms, invocation, rites, fire, crypts, worms, snakes, doom, sky, throne, battlefields.
  • All I know is that if musical quality is determined by number of utterances of the phrase "cosmic sea," then Inquisition has got to be the best damn band in the world.
  • When I bought my first Inquisition album (Ominous Doctrines...), I was following my policy of purchasing just one (unique, as it appealed to me) record of the entire band's discography. There were reasons why I choose Ominous Doctrines. Now my policy just screwed up as I keep purchasing them all! Firstly got Obscure Verses (absolutely adored the idea of the art), then I somehow got 2nd and 3rd albums (avoided the first "Into the Infernal" for the art being to similar to the Invoking, though I suspect I will get eventually too), now I'm waiting for the NDO to be available and wonder what kind of cover Paolo will do for the Ominous Doctrines. *sign* ... buying albums because of art-covers, what I've become.
  • Vote this pic!
  • Stoked to see them live at Summer Breeze Festival!
  • Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm fuckin' blew my mind
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [3] 5 stars post!
  • Nobody expects the Colombian Inquisition! [2]
  • nobody expects the colombian inquisition!
  • wish they could make another like the first 2
  • Obscure Verses is good, but Ominous Doctrines is their best. Albums are very similar, but Ominous Doctrines have something that I cant explain that seals the deal for me. That album completely overwhelms my mind, body and soul, its simply magical. I listen to this kind of music for almost 20 years and really few albums can do that for me. As a matter of fact, only once I dreamt about listening to music, and the album that was playing in a dream was Ominous Doctrines.


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