• A Lover's Tribute

    18 avr. 2010, 17h43m par Gone_Wishing

    This is one of those "I need to mark the wholly irrelevant fact that I've been scrobbling tracks for two years by claiming it as a milestone and blabbing about the statistics I've generated" posts.

    Well, kinda. (And yes, I know I'm a little over a week early).

    I think it's a given that I've been listening to music for longer than two years, and despite its flaws, I both like and appreciate as a facility to create a record of a portion of this history with no effort on my part other than to remember to switch the damn software back on after my music player has had one of its tantrums.

    When deciding to write this post, it didn't take much consideration as to what I was going to talk about - quite simply, and only, the album that has receieved the most plays in the last two years. This, perhaps unfairly, discounts a large portion of my library immediately, as to have acheived this the album was a part of my collection before I joined this site. …