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  • Love it......
  • Wow why did I stop listening to them?? Why?? they're so good
  • yeah i like
  • Just adolescents, You and I..
  • i could listen to this over and over again........... and i do
  • New stuff is pretty amazing. I can't believe I was obsessed with these guys in high school and they're still GOOD! :) I like the lyrics a lot, too
  • took me some time to appreciate the cd, but I likes it. I like "defiance" and "tomorrow's food"...there are some good lyrics in there...but Incubus always has some good lyrics. Just mellow-er...give em a break..they're aging ;)
  • I'm feeling out of bounds / out of bounds
  • I think this and In The Company Of Wolves are the best tracks. But there are a couple of tracks that are almost as good too. It's just sad that Adolescents is the most rocking track on the album. I do wish they rocked out on more than just this track. The album is very mellow and guitar can only be hear in about 3 or so tracks. I'm just getting into the album since yesterday.... - ditto!!
  • muita musica boa
  • Whenever a band that i once liked starts to make music that i dont like I'm going to accuse them of selling out because I'm a self-righteous douche ! YES !!!
  • only good song on the new album.
  • Boa Musica !!!
  • Incubus? More like Stincubus. Just kidding they are great.
  • I love that´s music *-* Adolecents *-*
  • Great song.
  • omg every song is awesome
  • and i confess more: the best song by Incubus S2
  • great song! [6] , addicted, unforgetable!!
  • great song! [5]
  • terrible cookie cutter cliche laden song. heard this on the radio and i have to vent my anger here
  • perfect song
  • More than acceptable...!
  • The last Great Incubus song... =0( I HOPE i'm wrong, but judging by the rest of the album....
  • good song -- came out yesterday on my birthday =] cant wait to listen to the rest!
  • great song! [4]
  • great song! [3]
  • great song! [2]
  • great song!
  • Listen people either you like it or not if you hat it ok then fuck you its a great band great song have some fucking taste in our dull lives
  • Out of siiiiiight, out of miiiiind.
  • that this is probably the best off the new record is fucking sad
  • Pretty easy to like if you're already an Incubus fan (or not). Their usual MO.. but still feels like something's missing. Maybe it just needs a few more listens.
  • Love it!
  • <3
  • Yeeah, this really is the only song I like from the new album. I feel so deceived, I thought Adolescents would be an accurate representation of the album's sound.
  • The only acceptable song off the new album. (3)
  • The only acceptable song off the new album. It's a bore fest. Incubus is dead.
  • @Djnonplus this is more like the Megalomaniac/Anna Molly of this album, if you refer to heaviness.
  • They're back! My music genre has changed slightly and I fear Incubus isn't going to keep my attention...
  • KOCHAM! <3
  • the "californian beach sunset" feeling... [3]
  • reading the description it makes much more sense, looking at us culturally and collectively as teenagers, pretty genius idea. This will probably turn out being the "Dig" of this album musically.
  • Great track
  • amazing new single. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE ALBUM IN JULY! coming out on my birthday!
  • love...


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