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  • Avatar de Toma400
    I like Incantation, I just couldn't get into.
  • Avatar de Mya_Kvlta
    don't like Incantation? fucked up man....what would your mother think?
  • Avatar de Toma400
    @dark_wisdom - I knew Asphyx, but Coffins.. there was first time I heard of them. They're a bit too thrashy in some tracks, but after some more listenings even these songs fitted my ears well. So, thanks for another great death/doom band which I can discover!
  • Avatar de Toma400
    @otsukaretimu - thanks a lot, bro! I was not into Incantation' discography that much, but both albums surprised me a lot. It was not exactly what I wanted from death metal, but they had really nice, dark, gloomy atmosphere. I especially like "Abolishment of Immaculate Serenity" and ambient-like "Outro" from Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish EP. Both of them have great dark "passages", which caught my attention even on first listen.
  • Avatar de MorbidParoxysm
  • Avatar de dark_wisdom
    @Toma400 If albums like diabolical conquest or Mortal throne of the nazarene don't do anything for you, I suggest you to check out Asphyx or Coffins. Those bands seem to fit the description of what you're looking for. Also, Disma, the new band of Craig Pillard (vocals on onward to golgotha) sounds like a "doomier" version of Incantation.
  • Avatar de otsukaretimu
    Toma400, as I'm slowly making my way through their discography, I would say that's pretty hard to find. Their signature sound seems to be that "chaos." I don't know, Mortal Throne of Nazarene has some slower, dirgier moments, especially at the end. Also, the Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish EP might suit your needs.
  • Avatar de Toma400
    Can someone recommend me something from Incantation which is fuckin' heavy, but it lacks in fast thrashy percussion? I want to get into Incantation, but I can't bc of this "chaos" they make in their music. So if there is something more "doom death", I will be happy to know it.
  • Avatar de sangremuerto
    One of the few bands that has no weak albums.
  • Avatar de metalheadjoe4
    Mortal Throne of Nazarene is a death metal masterpiece

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