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  • "Loving the riffs in this one, though IMHO Anders pretty much kills this song..." [2] Musically, I love the riffs, the speed, the groove mid way through the song. But the vocal patterns would better fit a mid tempo song. Anders sounds a bit droning. Plus damnit Anders, being sober isn't dismal after the first six months. .
  • sober like an elephant
  • This just sounds like Bullet for my Valentine at the start :/
  • Loving the riffs in this one, though IMHO Anders pretty much kills this song...
  • The best of the album... great song.
  • Good song...
  • зачёт!!!!
  • an awesome song <3
  • every album is amazing
  • One of the best tracks off a sense of pupose IT MAKES ME WANT TO BANG MY HEAD LIKE CRAZY =D
  • Love this track
  • hm best song on ASoP
  • Dont tell me, tell mah soouu...... oh, wrong shoutbox!
  • Whaaaaa? This song is like classic IF. Oh well.
  • its not the best... but its definatly good.....
  • No thank you. In Flames I used to luv u.
  • ojala no token estas hueas el 12 de feb
  • although it is really good but not thier best
  • NAH
  • Indeed
  • probably the best song on a sense of purpose. great stuff.
  • RWD
  • goood
  • holy shit, i just recovered from The Chosen Pessimist
  • now this one IS good
  • Now, this one is good.
  • IIIIII become the distance
  • awesome!
  • Fuckin' great! \m/
  • Yep, the best on ASOP, and definitely Clayman-like :D
  • definitly the best song on new album
  • best song of ASOP
  • omfg what a freakin' awesome bomb O_O
  • Indeed, this is Claymanish. I like it. Good speed and heavy. Good, good.
  • totally rocks!
  • more like old good in flames - good song
  • With better vocals and a guitar sound of clayman this could be a quite good IF-song
  • WOW some lead work. Now I wasn't expecting that!
  • Album Picks up from here. Yes it's right Before that just forget it...
  • yes this ones nice!
  • Album Picks up from here.
  • really nice song.
  • I love the solo
  • lu-
  • niice

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