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Impaled est un groupe de death metal / goregrind de Oakland, Californie.

Leur nom est un acronyme (Immoral Medical Practitioners And Licentious Evil-Doers). Le groupe a été fondé par le guitariste Sean McGrath la fin de 1996, qui a rejoint avec le batteur Raul Varela, le guitariste Jared Deaver (anciennement des titres de propriété de la chair et Severed Savior) et le bassiste Ron Dorn pour enregistrer leur démo 1997…

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  • Perfect example of what do we get if we mix goregrind with melodic death. [2]
  • Mondo Medicale > Necroticism.
  • @ZombiePsyche: I agree, the original 2000 album "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" has a more brutal and sicker thought then the re-recordings. Also the low growls are completely gone.
  • Halfway through Fæces Of Death, on my first listen of The Dead Still Dead Remain... Which I finally broke down & bought. Way too damn clean. What the hell! None of the "buzz" or "MESS" is there anymore, nothing that made the original recording sound like the dirty fæces it was. That made it why I loved it. The new recording sounds fucking GREAT, and that's awesome, but it's lacking all the PERSONALITY that I felt that it HAD. This is with bias, however, because several years after I got into Extreme Metal, bands like Impaled & Exhumed were releasing their debut albums, which I immediately fell in love with, so The Dead Shall Dead Remain is a pretty important album in the Metal aspect of my existence.
  • Fucking amazing!
  • Probably the most kickass Carcass worshippers out there.
  • Perfect example of what do we get if we mix goregrind with melodic death. :D
  • Pretty much Melodic Death Metal.
  • Impaled did a surprisingly impressive job on the re-recording of TDSDR, unlike most bands(Exodus, anyone?) that completely fail at re-recording classic albums. Impaled accomplished doing it without totally leaving out the raw atmosphere of the original, it still has that rough feel to it while not completely polished, plus they did a great job at recording the tracks again of course. I find it has more energy, power and has more of that "crunch" due to better production and mixing, I think I prefer it over the original to be honest. Very impressive to say the least.
  • The only thing that comes close to deathgrind is their debut demo 'Septic Vomit', it's pretty fucking brutal, especially when compared to everything they released after but even then I wouldn't say it's full on deathgrind, it's almost got a brutal death metal tinge.

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