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  • y yo pensando que belle and sebastian tenia muchos miembros hehe :)
  • welcome back guys!
  • And new single "Violins" out!
  • New album announced. It will be released March 25.
  • Eiffel tower you and meeeeee. how nostalgic, anyway, peace
  • let me introduce my friends! [2]
  • I need new a new album!
  • one of the most underrated bands of all.
  • let me introduce my friends!
  • I´m from Nezahualcóyotl!
  • Great music! The Volvo commercial from brought me here
  • whenever I feel sad I listen to the painter and it gives me hope
  • gosh......30
  • ^_^
  • Love them! I want to see them on live! And I want a new album!
  • Sweet. Oh so sweet.
  • Always Spring should be 3rd most listened to EP, with Get in Line following after it.
  • any song from them is good. any. when i heard their new album, i thought meh, only few of these are gonna be good. but holy mother of god, all the fucking songs stand out of the line :D
  • lovely
  • freaking awesome
  • Descobri no programa Altas Horas
  • one of the best concerts of my life! they are so good, and fun, and fucking awesome, they really need to come back to brazil soon <3
  • I'm listening to them for the first time and... I'm in love.
  • Amazing)
  • I'm freaking out trying to find a song from I'm from Barcelona. From what I remember it was a long instrumental track, it was a strange version of a great song of all times ( I think it was of Pink Floyd) It included several violins. Also, I almost absolut sure that it was included in the Paper Planes single but I looked at it and there's only 2 tracks. Is there a special version of this single? Well, if someone figures what song I'm talking, send me a message please. Thanks.
  • yeah
  • Lower My Head (Daniel Lindlof cover) best!
  • They are such cool! ^_^
  • hihihi :)
  • aaaaah :) was in their concert! so so so super good! Was smiling all the time two days after it :D
  • like it good
  • Empalagosos.
  • Happiness shaped into music.
  • forgot how good this was omg
  • Hello I have 2 tickets to sell for the gig at the batofar (Paris) on March 31st. I can make a special offer ! ;-) Bonjour, J'ai deux places à vendre pour le concert du 31 mars. Possibilité de faire un prix. Merci de m'envoyer un MP.
  • They're not really from Barcelona.
  • sometimes i see theirs videos in vh1 fucking awesome <3
  • Love it.
  • Battleships <3
  • <3
  • one of my favorites Scandinavian band! [2]
  • one of my favorites Scandinavian band!
  • @placebo_molko Forever Today wasn't great as you expected? I'm trying to figure out what can be so great as Forever Today for you o.o All ten songs are marvelous. The best Album i ever heard!
  • forever today wasn't as great as i expected, but i liked it. I'll download something else later
  • Listening I'm from Barcelona makes me miss Sweden even more...
  • I used to love these guys but now they kinda give me a headache. Collection Of Stamps is still great, though.
  • they def need more love on here. <333333


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