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  • Love Remains is the best album I hear it every day for at least 2 times
  • Love remains is the best out of a quick listen of the three albums that are on spotify
  • Нет,нет и нет! Не хорошо.
  • How to dress well isn't just pop, stop
  • does this music make me a homosexual? my priest seems to think so.
  • cristalino ♥
  • Alternative R&B <3
  • "elements of noise, sound collage and avant-garde composition" -- it's just pop lol
  • Toute ma vie je l'aime
  • TheRenaissanceMan:
  • TĀLĀ & How To Dress Well - The One (TĀLĀ Version) - sexy
  • His bio is the schmaltziest, most self-indulgent thing I have ever read.
  • in love with him and his music
  • a power
  • Minha review do ano incluindo "What Is This Heart":
  • How to dress well? Wear sneakers!
  • i'm sorry but he's perfection
  • Here pics and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • 19.11 that will be massive
  • that new album is kind of a weedplate :/
  • Words I Don't Remember <3
  • So in love with his music <3
  • @Paulie-Waulie I hate this name, but if you look for PBR&B you should find what you're looking for.
  • That bio is absolutely ludicrous! "a beautiful window into a startlingly fully realized artistic imagination." Seriously? Is this supposed to be an attempt at describing a record? Someone do this man a favor and rewrite that. And for fucks sake don't say something "incorporates elements of noise" until you've actually listened to some noise.
  • worst album cover 2014. the music's nothing remarkable either.
  • thank you ♡
  • OMG, the Dubbel Dutch remix of "Very Best Friend" feat. Eva T. is one of a kind! Always such good colabs on HTDW works! Can wait to listen the others remixes for the new EP.
  • R. Krelly
  • hahahah esse nome não deixa de ser engraçado
  • r&b, soul, indie pop, synth pop I guess
  • I need help! What genre am I looking for (chillwave, downtempo, trip hop, dreampop??) Artists I like are: Active Child, SOHN, James Blake, Grimes, Lo-Fang, Autre Ne Veut, Ásgeir, How To Dress Well, Ben Khan, Purity Ring, Toro Y Moi...
  • he looks like napoleon dynamite's brother the one who dates black chick. like that guy if he got a makeover and decided to make rnb to impress his black gf.
  • The hold music sample is called Opus No. 1. I shazamed it once while on hold, I think I was calling Avis
  • I'm late but this new album is incredible. I think I like it more than total loss
  • How to Dress Well really kills that R Kelly cover of "I wish"
  • Blue eyed soul for intellectual hipsters?
  • Tom, y u visit HK and no play show? Y? D:
  • How is How to Dress Well "very similar" (according to to Future????
  • Love Remains is his best album
  • you spelled garabe wrong
  • stupid imitation r&b hipster garbage
  • ❤️
  • Great music, great voice.
  • great hdtv album... wtf snob dudes smh


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